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Alternatives to Google Maps for your car trips

Alternativas a Google Maps para tus viajes en coche

Some years ago it was quite usual to use a device that was only a GPS navigator, being the Garmin or TomTom ones the most used. These were only designed to be installed in vehicles. To update them, it had to be done through a memory card or by cable connection to a computer. Nowadays this has changed, and smartphones are in charge of offering this geolocation guidance service.

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In addition to electronic components, the progress in software has been great. So we can not only use the mobile gps to navigate, but also offers other complementary functions such as: establishing routes on foot or with any other means of transport, inform us in real time of the state of the traffic or offer us the possibility of Download the maps to navigate without being connected to the Internet. Here We gave a review of the most used browser, Google Maps.

GPS Status Toolbox is an application that helps us configure the gps system of our mobile terminal

The first thing we must have is the gps system of our mobile phone. For terminals with the Android operating system there is an option in settings within the gps menu, which offers us to establish a greater precision when determining our exact position (always with a margin of error of a few meters). This feature is that in addition to the gps, it takes the information of our location through the use of mobile networks, Wi-Fi and even Bluetooth. Here We can see how to access this function from iOS devices.

Another tip to keep in mind is to have the gps of the terminal properly calibrated. We can do this through an application that is available for both Android as for iOS. It is about GPS Status Toolbox. Although it gives us a lot of information about all the sensors in our terminal, it offers us a very simple tool to calibrate our gps.

Waze, TomTom and HERE WeGo are some of the alternatives to Google Maps

TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic. Its main advantage is that by default it makes you download the maps of the countries that you need to have. And it only uses the data connection to gather information about traffic conditions, share some data with other users of its own TomTom network and for updates. It is a payment application.

It is very good visually and the margin of error is quite low. Being a company that has been developing geolocation systems for vehicles for years, the app is oriented to make it easy to see all the lanes through which we circulate, even without connecting the voice guidance. For now it is not compatible with Android Auto or Mirrorlink. Is available in Android and iOS

Waze is storing all the information that users are sharing, creating a very large data network, informing of the real-time traffic status

Waze. This application for navigation is one of the most widely used worldwide, and has the largest community of drivers in real time around the world. It is a fully customizable application (we can set the user name, change the different voice systems and even change the profile image). What makes Waze very good is that thanks to the interaction between all the users, they share all the information in real time about the traffic conditions, radars, accidents or any other incident.

It is free and compatible with Android Auto. Being a large community of users behind it, is creating a network that advises you of alternative routes that others share. We have detected that one of the drawbacks is that you have to be connected to the Internet to update all the information in real time. It has recently been integrated with Spotify and can listen to change the song without leaving the application. Is available in Android and iOS.

It is always better to have downloaded the maps on our smartphone, because in case we do not have an Internet connection we can follow the route

HERE WeGo. This free application is still a big competitor to Google Maps and Waze. One thing we have verified is that we can download the maps of entire countries (unlike Google Maps that only allows us to save smaller areas). Occupying for example the one of Spain a total of 1.2 gigas.

You can order a taxi or share the car with other users without leaving Here WeGo. It also helps to plan trips in a fairly simple way by offering several alternatives and nearby sites of interest. It is available for Android and iOS.

Finally we want to comment that many cars come with a multimedia system that is usually compatible with Android Auto, CarPlay for iOS devices or Mirrorlink. What makes it possible to see on the screens of the vehicle some of these applications that we have seen. In addition, they are adapted to be used driving and avoid distractions.

Using these applications with the navigation systems of the cars that are coming out in the market is the best option

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