April 15, 2021

Alstom presents Aptis, its electric bus for large cities

Alstom presents Aptis, its electric bus for large cities


The French company Alstom has presented today in Madrid, in the garages of the EMT in Carabanchel, the prototype of 100% electric bus called Aptis, which will circulate in the main European capitals in the coming years.

To see them circulate in Madrid will have to wait at least until the end of 2020, when the city council tenders a new order of electric buses, of which there are already 15 in the capital.

The vehicle has similar measures to the current buses but the situation of its axes, at the ends of it, allows to have a continuous low floor, without obstacles, of 20 square meters. It is fully glazed, even on the back, and can have two or three double doors, wider than normal, which facilitates the rise and fall of two people at the same time.

One of the most striking aspects is that its rear axle, of two wheels instead of four like the current buses, it also rotates like the front, which facilitates its parking at the stops (only needs 15 meters, instead of the current 25). Also, in the turns in the roundabouts and in the streets it only occupies one lane, instead of the two that traditional vehicles need.

The batteries are located on the roof, which has an area of ​​24 square meters and 4.5 tons of cargo, as explained by Fernando Sunyer, director of e-bus marketing at Alstom. Your electric recharge can be night by cable, in the garages, or on the ground at the head of the lines.

Its price is around 500,000 euros, a little more expensive than those that Madrid currently has natural gas (340,000 euros). «In the price we have to bear in mind that Alstom gives a 20 year guarantee (the current vehicles last about 15 years) and has a minimum maintenance, since its engine is closed and must work for 900,000 kilometers», Underlines Sunyer.

The Aptis is at the moment a prototype that will receive the opportune certifications in May, moment in which it will begin its manufacture in France. It would also be manufactured in Spain if the market demanded itsays Sunyer. For the moment, it has been presented in Barcelona and in the main cities of France, Holland, Belgium and Germany. After traveling a few days in Madrid -without travelers- he will travel to Italy.

The manager of the EMT, Álvaro Fernández, stressed that Madrid has the third electric bus fleet in Europe and that this year it will add another 35 vehicles to the existing 15.


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