already in the semifinals of the 110 metris hurdles in the World Cup

Orlando Ortega was failing a factor in the equation "Mens sana in corpore sano". The body does, but the head ... Especially after the European indoor track last winter, when it seemed that he could win gold in the 110 meters hurdles, he was fourth. And he said: "I want to disappear from this planet." He entered that phase of frustration in which the mind of "leaving it, it's over" comes to mind. And he needed to recycle and that's why he went to Cyprus to train next to the man who had defeated him, the Cypriot Milan Trajkovic. It was a new beginning, so that the body and the mind went to one in this World Cup that is being played in Doha. Yesterday he had to go into action in the series of his test, which he surpassed without problems and with the best time of all who tomorrow will play the semifinals, and the final.

Technically impeccable, as always, he did not break down an obstacle and even seemed to keep some strength when he saw that he was going to classify without much trouble. Everything about him is gestures of trust and motivation. The face before the beginning, the hand up when passing the last line, the greeting to the companions, the "come on, let's go" while he went to the area where he attends the press, and his words. «I felt very good. I have noticed that it is a fairly fast track. I went out to do my best, to take advantage of this first race to know how I was, because I was a little anxious to start competing. I needed that exit shot, ”he said later on the Teledeporte microphones. He has only done the first part of a job divided into three in a race with many good rivals and that does not usually forgive the slightest failure. The American Daniel Roberts, one of his great rivals and the athlete who came with the second best mark of the year, was disqualified for touching the fence of an opponent. "I am sure that to win the gold you will have to get off the thirteen seconds," Ortega predicts. He has already achieved it when he competed with Cuba, as a Spaniard never. But your clean mind right now can help your body achieve it.

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