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already has 21 medals in World

The transgressive bet of Ona Carbonell in the only synchronized technician of the World Championship that is being played in Gwangju (Korea) has supposed a silver. It is one more medal in the extraordinary career of the Catalan swimmer, but It has a special value because it has already accumulated 21 medals in World Cups (1 gold, 10 silvers and 10 bronzes) and exceeds with it the 20 of Gemma Mengual, pioneer of synchronized swimming in Spain. To achieve it Ona had to improve on the classification, which had achieved a score of 91.8259 in the final would not have been worth to be second. It had been difficult for Yukiko Inui, who participated before, but the Spanish exercise, without failure, executed almost perfectly, earned him 92.5002 points for 92.3084 of the Japanese. The gold went to the Russian Kolesnichenko (95.0023).

"I want to contribute something more to the sport," Carbonell said these days. Hence his commitment to a choreography completely different from what has been seen so far, something that nobody had done and that in part forced him to reinvent himself. There is hardly music, only the Nelson Mandela's speech at the 2000 Laureus Awards, words that speak of the importance of sport to unite, create hope and change the world. That's why Ona says he wants to go further: beauty in the exercise, technique, work and message behind. The music in the synchro is very important because it gives the swimmers the moments in which to make some elements and others, places them, orders them, and Spanish has had to be organized with keywords of the speech. His bet was a risk that convinced the judges, sometimes reluctant to the news. The second day he executed it even better than the first, in a discipline where everything counts: you have to do it well technically, with strength and power, and also smile as if it did not cost Although a moment before you have been several seconds without breathing and face down in the water. It's very hard.

After "15 years doing the same", as Ona had acknowledged, he took a sabbatical year, 2018, in which, among other things, he won the television contest MasterChef. And he has returned with renewed strength, in the best possible way, to add a new money, since Russia continued with the tyranny it exercises in this sport. Spain has always stood out for its artistic capacity, and Carbonell's brave bet has helped him to continue in the position he held two years ago in Budapest. Precisely the artistic part gave him the plus to overcome the Japanese in the voting, since in the technique were tied. Ona will have to rest now, because Its participation in Korea is very extensive: he is left alone with an exercise that he has not wanted to reveal anything, the duo and teams, these last two tests are also Olympic and will serve to see how Spain is a year of the Tokyo Games.

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