February 26, 2021

Alphabet earns 14,897 million until June, 32% more than last year


The US multinational Alphabet, Google's parent company, announced Thursday a profit of 16,604 million dollars (14,897 million euros) between January and June, which represents an increase of 31.82% over the same period last year.

The company based in Mountain View (California, USA) entered during the first six months of the year 75,283 million dollars, 18% more than the 63,803 million billed between January and June 2018, and its shareholders were compensated with $ 23.91 per title, compared to 18.13 a year ago.

The big jump in profits despite a smoother increase in revenue is explained because this year Alphabet has had to allocate much less money to face the fines of regulators in Europe, "only" 1,697 million dollars, compared to the Great penalty of 5,071 million imposed in 2018.

These 1,697 million dollars, corresponding to a European Commission sanction for "suppressing competition" in the online advertising sector, were paid at the beginning of the year and were already reflected in the results of April, although now the company has started The appeal process.

Alphabet took advantage of the presentation of results to announce that its board of directors has authorized a repurchase of shares worth $ 25 billion of its class C securities.

Google's revenues continue to come mainly from advertising, which in the last quarter reached 32,601 million billed dollars, 83.71% of the total.

The rest of the income comes mainly from its cloud services platform, Google Cloud, and the sale of hardware devices, such as the Pixel phone.

"Our efforts to build a more useful Google for everyone bring us endless opportunities to help users, partners and corporate customers every day," said Google CEO, Sundar Pichai.

«From improvements in our information products such as the search engine, maps and virtual assistant, to our groundbreaking offers in artificial intelligence, the cloud and hardware, I am excited about the good moment in all Google businesses and the innovation that fuels our growth, ”he added.

Alphabet's results were well received by investors on Wall Street and their shares revalued 9.07% to $ 1,239.08 per share in electronic operations following the close of the New York markets.

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