Alonso's response to Del Bosque

The Spanish pilot has responded to Vicente del Bosque's insinuation that he criticized the Government and later paid taxes outside

Fernando Alonso has answered Vicente del Bosque, who spoke of those who criticized the government's management and then paid taxes abroad. "I have seen someone who is still protesting because things have been done very badly, that the measures have been delayed and then maybe he is trading abroad. It is not a stick to anyone. I say this as a generic fact, not against anyone. It is a very complicated issue and we have to be sympathetic to the authorities, ”said the former coach at Cope, without naming Fernando Alonso, but giving all the impression that he was referring to him.

Alonso had said: "I am stunned. That we will react as the health emergency evolves (it will be different in Spain). That people with symptoms (and the others, to the park? To the bars? Each autonomous community decides (they don't catch their fingers or want to).

The pilot is not silent. "That is what I put 6 days ago. With the intention of making people aware of being at home. I have no idea of ​​the virus and I have no idea about anything. Let no one worry, I won't be interested anymore. Also, I'm glad to know that we all say it now and it's the only thing that matters to me. I stay at home"

The Spanish pilot is very committed in recent days to the motto "yomequedoencasa" and uses social networks to give his points of view or to remind his followers of some of his historical careers, in addition to showing that he continues to train.

Because they still have the Indianapolis 500 on the horizon. The Indy competition has had to suspend its April races, but the plan is for it to run in Indianapolis, where Fernando Alonso will compete with McLaren and with the aim of playing the best possible role. It is expected that by May, when Indianapolis is planned, everything has returned to a certain normality, but as with everything, uncertainty reigns and nobody knows what may happen.

Fernando Alonso, as all athletes are doing, trains locked up at home, with no possibility of leaving. It is not the best, but it is the only thing that can be done.

Now he has decided to root out the controversies that arise from his comments on Instagram. Vicente del Bosque's "anger" seems to have been enough.

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