Alonso, without luck

Alonso, without luck

When a team or a constructor competes with two cars in any world championship there is always one of them sacrificed. Barrichello was when he was a teammate of Schumacher in Ferrari, Webber with Vettel with Red Bull, Fisichella and Trulli with Alonso in Renault and so many more throughout history, with exceptions such as those seen in Williams or McLaren. And in the 2018/19 edition of the World Resistance that paper is played by Toyota's second car, the number 7, which, in the first races, especially in Le Mans, had rather that role. On the first date, the 6 hours of Spa, they were not allowed to fight in the final moments, those with Alonso in the lead and his rival and fellow Conway pressing him to the end surrounded by doubled pilots. Something similar happened at Le Mans and at Silverstone, more of the same. On those three occasions Alonso's team won with Buemi and Nakajima, while Conway, López and Kobayashi always had to take second place. But with the championship already faced and no regulatory problems involved, this time in Fuji, Japan, played fighting without any kind of limitation. And this time, the Toyota number 7 beat its rivals, although these maintain the first place in the general drivers. In the 6 hours of Fuji the "second" Toyota recovered from a penalty on the grid for exceeding the speed in the pit area and strategy played their cards better, regardless of the luck that played in their favor when the race he was neutralized and "caught" his opponents without having made his pit stop. Neither Nakajima nor Buemi had their day and Alonso can not perform miracles every day.

At the time of his relief he had a 20-second disadvantage and could not do anything to dilute it, something he did at Le Mans on that memorable night. «We have had bad luck. When the race for the safety car regrouped we lost the advantage we had, which was one minute and sixteen seconds, suddenly, from one lap to another. We had chosen the best strategy with the rain tires at the beginning; while the other car had to stop to change theirs, but hey, these things happen in the races and we will try to improve in Shanghai, "said the Spaniard.

Fernando Alonso went up to the second podium with Buemi and Nakajima and, little by little, he is cementing one of his goals: to be a world champion of resistance once the victory was won in the 24 hours of Le Mans. Now, and without rest, Alonso faces another two consecutive weekends of career in the F-1: United States and Mexico. There will be two other survival prizes in which to try to add some points and look for solutions for next year, a campaign in which McLaren has been focused practically since last May. The improvements never arrived since then.


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