Alonso: "When the change of Formula 1 rules passed to 2022 I had doubts"

Fernando Alonso in a file image.

The Spanish Formula One driver Fernando Alonso, double world champion in 2005 and 2006 who will return to competition in 2021 with Alpine (current Renault), admitted that when the organization passed the regulation change from 2021 to 2022 he had "doubts" about whether to delay his return for another year.

"With the pandemic the change was postponed to 2022 and there I had a moment of indecision. I thought: 'what do I do, I wait for 2022 or I'll be back next year and I do a year of filming to return to the category and work with the team? ' I opted for the second option and there it is ", explained Alonso during the presentation of the series Amazon Prime Now documentary 'Fernando' about his last year out of F1.

The Asturian driver explained in a videoconference presentation that during these two seasons outside the single-seater championship he has been able to "cross off the wish list" many things he dreamed of doing, such as the World Endurance Championship, 24 Hours of Le Mans, 24 Hours of Daytona or the Dakar Rally.

"All these things that I have done these last two years have helped me free the head of wishes that wanted to execute, and Formula One continues to be at a time of not much competitiveness, only one team wins and I thought it was a good time to move away, meet those challenges and return with the new regulations, "he added.

For this reason, Alonso assured that it is not that "he wants revenge or seeks a result" but that he believed that it was "time to go back with the new regulations."

However, the possibility of a third world title from 2022 is on the Asturian's retina. "You go back to Formula 1 to get it right or win. In sport you either win or lose, doing fifth or seventh does not change much. The goal is to try to win", he claimed.

For Alonso "the current Formula One in 2021 is not going to allow anyone but Mercedes and (Lewis) Hamilton win ", but in 2022 there are" many teams with hope "among which he mentioned Renault (Alpine), Ferrari with Carlos Sainz or Red Bull with the Dutch Max verstappen.

"Many people are hoping within a year and a half and we will all be in that situation of putting cars on the track now. see if anyone can stand up to Mercedes, but it is difficult to be sure, it is not an exact math that in 2022 we will be in the fight. It's hard to tell, "he admitted.

"Constant conversations" to return

The Spaniard revealed that since his departure from Formula One after the 2018 season he had "constant conversations" to return. "The first call to see if we were bored was in June 2019There was also in August with a team that wanted to change drivers, but my mind was in 2021 with the new rules. It was a quieter process than it seems, and not so programmed, "said Alonso, who revealed that his first conversation with Renault to return to the French team was in November 2019.

Asked during the press conference by videoconference if he agrees with those who consider him the most complete driver on the grid, Alonso defined himself as "a 9 in everything."

"Maybe there is a faster rider in the rain, or on Saturdays, or who comes out better, but one, there are not many more. I am close to the 'top' in many circumstances and that throughout the championship is very good," he considered Asturian, which was defined as "a fighter pilot"and that he does not give" anything given up. "

The Amazon Prime Now docuseries 'Fernando', which premieres this Friday for payment platform customers and is produced by Mediapro, portrays the last year of the two-time world champion, including the Indianapolis 500, 24 Hours Le Mans and his participation in the 2020 Dakar Rally.

"I thought it was a good time, after leaving Formula One, to teach fans what life is like for a driver and what is outside of Formula One, Wonderful categories and races such as the 500 Miles, Le Mans, the Dakar, and accompanying me in the challenge of changing saddle every week ", considered the Asturian rider.

The platform has already confirmed that a second season will be filmed, which will portray Alonso's return to Formula One. "They are going to see many things that are not seen in the day to day, many preparations (...) It will be content never seen before," promised the Oviedo.


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