January 28, 2021

Alonso, the lucky boy

The REASON speaks with Verónica Durán, the mother of the child who for the second consecutive year has sung a prize, in this raffle it was 75206

Alonso Dávalos Durán sings for the second year, and with the same partner, Nerea Pareja Martínez, an award on the mythical day of the lottery. This year has been the fifth with the number 75206 with a value of € 60,000 to the series. Tears fell to her mother, proud and excited, at such a special and expected date for her son Alonso.

Alonso is only 10 years old, but he still has four years of opportunities to be a candidate again to sing the lottery numbers, since the maximum age allowed is 14 years.

In 2018 he was the protagonist who unveiled a second and two fifths. For what he already has experience, Verónica, his mother, informs LA RAZÓN that it is a very important and marked date for his son, a student of the Sacred Heart School and boarding school of the Residence of San Ildefonso: "It's a prize for them, not everyone can come", explains the mother. In addition, it indicates that in order to be one of the candidates chosen, it is necessary to pass tests of hearing, voice, school grades or criteria of good behavior.

Also, it clarifies that children have to be prepared at the Teatro Real in Madrid from 8 in the morning, with the luck that they do not have to make the long lines that occupy the entire Opera Square. Something that she, for being familiar, has also been able to avoid. When he has sung the fifth prize of € 60,000 today, the audience applauded the sound of “You are worth it”.


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