Sat. Feb 29th, 2020

Alonso sees “good” to reach an agreement with Cs but clarifies that “we must take into account the reality of each site”

Speaking to the media before attending the presentation of the first novel by the popular MEP Esteban González Pons, ‘Ellas’ (Spain), the leader of the popular Basques has stressed that it is “good” to send a message “that that a constitutionalist alternative can be raised in these territories.

Although he stressed that “there are more things” that unite PP and Citizens from those that separate them, he has been in favor of differentiating this possible alliance according to the territory, against the orange formation, which links this union to the three territories for End nationalism.

“I am favorable but I also want to say that you have to have the reality of each site. Galicia is not the same as the Basque Country, they are different. There are things that are in common and other things that are not and, therefore, the agreement, if you want to be real and if you want to make it possible you have to adapt to the reality of each site, “he stressed.


As for the meeting that the president of the PP will hold next Monday in La Moncloa with the chief executive, Alonso has been cautious about the content of the meeting and recalled that the popular have always acted with “loyalty.” “We are going to see what Sanchez’s purpose is. It is he who has to show that he really wants to seek a dialogue,” he added.

In this regard, he stressed that it is “difficult to trust” Pedro Sánchez “because you never know when you are going to cheat or if you are going to tell the truth” and recalled that the PP will make “critical” opposition to the Government but willing to reach out for the benefit of “the stability of Spain and for things to work”.

On this point, the spokesperson of the Popular Group in the Senate, Javier Maroto, who has defended the need to “listen and attend” State meetings when they have to be held, has also pronounced in the same act.

“It is proof that the Popular Party is a state party,” said Maroto, who has stressed that, when the president of a government summons you, the leader of the opposition “is obliged to maintain a necessary dialogue between parties. different. “


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