Mon. Feb 24th, 2020

Alonso has “absolute confidence” in the management of health with the coronavirus

The PP candidate in the Basque elections and former Minister of Health, Alfonso Alonso, has expressed his “absolute confidence” that the decisions adopted by the National Health System (SNS) and experts from the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus “are the correct. “

“There are all the reasons to trust the SNS and the Ministry and not to create unnecessary alarms,” ​​he said in an interview with EFE when asked about the expansion of the outbreak and the possibility of arriving in Spain.

Alonso, who was Minister of Health with Mariano Rajoy, said that “there are many reasons to trust the SNS and the Ministry of Health” two places where “there are people who know a lot about public health and there is a lot of seriousness.”

Therefore, the leader of the Basque Country PP wanted to convey a “message of absolute confidence in the decisions made there, knowing that the decisions they adopt are the right ones,” he stressed.

Alonso has said he does not know why the Mobile World Congress (MWC) of Barcelona has been canceled, but he does not believe “that it is due to a national public health issue”.


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