August 12, 2020

Alonso dismisses returning to Formula 1 for the time being and does not clarify its future – The Province

The Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso he has discarded return for the moment to the Formula 1 because he does not find "attractive opportunities" to do it, while he assured that he has "in his head" what he will do next season and that this mystery will be unveiled "In time".

"I do not leave doors open nor am I waiting or looking for anyone to call me. the luck of choosing where and when he ran. I move by my instincts and my happiness. What you do in a I have it in my head and it will be known to due time", Alonso pointed out to the press in Oviedo.

The Asturian pilot recalled that last year he abandoned Formula 1 "because of the motivations and ambitions" that he has today are different and because outside of it they were presented "more attractive opportunities".

"I thought that six months ago and I keep thinking about it now", said the Spaniard, adding that his stage in Formula 1 was" exceptional and incredible ", but underlining that the competition can not offer anything at the moment" sufficiently attractive ".

Asked about their options to dispute the next Dakar Rally, did not close the door to try. "I'll value it, it's attractive, but totally opposite to what are my qualities and my way of driving. I have never driven rally on land and suddenly doing the hardest in the world would be an extreme step, "he reflected.

Alonso participated Thursday at the Museum that bears his name in the presentation of the second edition of the Liberbank Challenge, which will be held in the pavilion that the bank will have in Gijón at the International Fair of Samples of Asturias 2019.

The pilot was convinced that this year will be repeated, and even increase, the 180,000 players who pass through the simulators in the FIDMA, and indicated that the winner of this year will have the opportunity to compete in the Logitech G Challenge that It will celebrate in Germany.

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