Alonso awakens from the American dream

Alonso awakens from the American dream

When Fernando Alonso announced his retirement from the F-1 on August 14, he based his decision on some arguments in which he accused the queen category of boring motorsport and that the time had come to face other challenges. Well, today, neither one thing nor the other. The F-1 has become more boring for him, not by the new rules or other issues, but rather by the impossibility for the Asturian to achieve a good result, something that is the result of the decisions he has taken in the last decade, such as leaving Ferrari and signing for McLaren-Honda in 2014, or leaving McLaren in 2007 when he had the best car. In fact, a year later that same car conquered the title in the hands of Lewis Hamilton. Alonso is known in the "paddock" of the F-1 for his enormous capacity as a pilot, but, on the contrary in the dispatches, something in which all but the bank that manages your money coincide, because despite everything It has been until recently the best paid off the starting grid with Hamilton and Vettel.

The feeling of distaste for Alonso in McLaren and in the F-1 without the possibility of doing something big grows as the final race of the season approaches in Abu Dhabi, and meanwhile, his representative, Luis García Abad, plays a game of chess to meet or try to make the wishes of Oviedo. However, his contractual obligations and his dialectical past do not make things easy for him. The Spaniard wants to achieve the triple crown, that is, win in Monaco, Le Mans and Indianapolis, and is one step away from realizing it. That's why he wants to run in the United States in 2019, but negotiations have encountered many pitfalls. On the one hand, the Spaniard did not want to run the whole season, only some preparatory races to face the 500 miles with guarantees, and in that debate with the Andretti Autosport team the thing ended with the friendly break with McLaren, who wanted an agreement to compete as partners. In addition, the rider of one of the best teams of the IndyCar, the Andretti, is Honda and the Japanese company, although they have said that they do not care, they are not very for the work of Alonso to return to drive one of their cars after the niceties and attacks dedicated by the Spanish these years ago due to the poor performance of the Japanese power unit in the F-1.

Alonso still has a contract with Toyota, a manufacturer that would collide with, since they are direct competitors. Now Formula E, the fashion competition around the world and where all car brands are putting their eyes and their money, looking for Alonso through Nissan, another Japanese brand that would create a new conflict of interest and that It offers a good economic sum. But what more attracts Alonso would be to return to Ferrari, a place where Vettel is in interdict and that could return to the F-1 in 2020 if the hurricane continues that can take ahead to its current titular pilot. At the moment, Alonso has nothing clear.


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