Alone with your skills


The impact of eSports in Spain it is still small: this sector entered 14.5 million euros in 2016 and had an audience of 5.5 million people, according to the Spanish Association of Video Games (AEVI). However, there is potential: in 2018 it invoiced 900 million dollars worldwide and it is estimated that, in 2011, it will be 1,650 million, according to consultancy Newzoo. Attentive to this emerging activity, Baldomero Sánchez and Alejandro Sáez constituted in May 2017 «EGoGames» and in December they opened the first eSports platform for mobile and tablet in Europe, with a patented algorithm in 176 countries. «Our main objective is to democratize eSports», points out the co-founder of this startup Alejandro Sáez.

All this through eight own games that "eGoGames" is available for free in Apple Store or Galaxy Apps - they are also downloadable from your website. and that allow to play in one-on-one modalities or participate in tournaments where the skills of the "gamer" will be rewarded. Similarly, the platform pairs players with similar levels.

"We want to give prominence to the players, which can be a trade", says Saez who explains that each user can play using a virtual currency called "GGs" or with real money, after paying an entry fee that includes a commission for the platform. «We work with Pay Pal and BBVA: both the entry of money and the withdrawal of profits is instantaneous, "says the co-founder of this platform.

Real money game

In this sense, he adds that each game has a weekly ranking where the best «gamers» will see their expertise compensated, with the distribution of the accumulated jackpot and the possibility of acquiring guaranteed prizes, through its market system (caps, T-shirts «and even a Ferrari»). This last possibility only in the case of playing with real money, since "GGs is a currency to train and gain confidence," Saez comments.

Some competitions that are retransmitted by streaming. Since the premiere of the platform, on December 26, they have joined it until 2,000 users in Spain «without having done marketing» and already employs 22 people. Regarding the future, Sáez points out that this involves "expanding the market niche and diversifying the number of titles". So they are open to negotiate with developers around the world: "We want to offer an extra avenue for the monetization of mobile games», Concludes the cofounder of« eGoGames ».

The «magnificent future of eSports»

On the phenomenon of eSports, Sáez has pointed to his "magnificent future 10 or 15 years from now" and pointed out that his audience is already surpassing other traditional sports or shows like cinema and theater. «It is the giant that everyone talks about and we want to make it as transparent and simple as possible ", Alejandro Sáez has sentenced.


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