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Normally and with the joviality that characterizes it. This is how the Almudena López Jal-Ladi from Tenerife has been taken that since last Wednesday he has been diagnosed as coronavirus and, what is being done more uphill, has since remained confined, as she says, in a plant that she has planned the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona for these steps.

Last Sunday, February 16, the soprano captured not only the eyes and praise of the public of the rondallas competition of the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, but also the recognition of the jury, which awarded him the second prize of soloists for his intervention as a soprano in The Primorosa.

The following week she went to Italy to take a tour that led her to perform last Wednesday at Bienno, in Val Camonica, and also visited Bergamo. During her stay in Italy she stayed in Milan, in the home of her brother-in-law’s family, who since she was diagnosed as suffering from Covid-19, also remain in quarantine at her home.

Almudena López Jal-Ladi became last Wednesday the first Canarian diagnosed by coronavirus. “I began to feel bad on the last day of my stay in Italy, on Monday, but I didn’t give it any importance, until I arrived in Barcelona. On Tuesday morning, when I woke up, I had a headache, cough and fever. “All the symptoms except mucus. From the beginning I knew I had the virus because I don’t usually get bad, nor have I had a flu for a long time.”

With this personal perception, that she was sick, Almudena López took a taxi that same Tuesday and went to a private clinic that led her to Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, ​​where she has reserved a plant to handle these cases.

The soprano says that he had a fever when he was tested, until it was confirmed Wednesday that he was suffering from coronavirus, being isolated from the first moment he went to the health center with symptoms in an area of ​​the health center about two other affected people are treated by Covid-19 before she entered.

Almudena López’s biggest grief right now is that he won’t be able to perform next Sunday at the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, ​​where he planned to play the character of La Reina de la Noche, from the opera The magic Flute, from Mozart. With the same naturalness that the medical diagnosis has assumed, Almudena López removes iron from this medical setback and is comforted that she will already be in the Palau on June 7 with the same artistic company in which she participates in works such as Traviata, in which He has been the protagonist, besides intervening in works such as Carmen, The Magic Flute or La Bohème.

The identity of the soloist who won the second prize in the contest of rondallas had been diluted in the news that was made public yesterday, a day after her diagnosis was confirmed, when it was disclosed as a young woman from Tenerife who had traveled last weekend. week in Italy and spent a few days in Barcelona, ​​it became the third case of coronavirus in Catalonia.

The error in age – a press release attributed Almudena López 22 years – led the soprano to break her anonymity and write in her Facebook yesterday afternoon: “Don’t worry about me. But after the return of my Bienno concert in Italy the coronavirus has made me rejuvenate seven years. In my time in Barcelona, ​​where on Sunday I had to sing Magic Flute, I have been quarantined because I present the symptoms. And finally I have tested positive … but the good thing about all this is that I am no longer 29 years old, but now I am 22 “.

While in one of the three cases that are treated at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, ​​the soloist herself points out that both her sister Desiree, singer and who has also accompanied her on this trip, as the family that hosted her in Milan remain in home quarantine until the 14 days prescribed as the time of not being in contact with more people to avoid contagion.

From Wednesday, the soloist takes advantage of the time to study in her room, since she receives only the visit of the health personnel who equipped with maximum security measures – mask, glasses and gown – control her vital signs every three hours and take her feeding. The treatment you receive, paracetamol to fight the fever that affects you.

Almudena López sentence in the conversation: “I am not afraid. I know it is not a flu because I never catch it, and since I started with the symptoms of cough, headache, fever and throat, I decided to go to the doctor. I was quite responsible.” , he acknowledges, although he cannot specify the identity or age of the other two people who are in a similar situation, because health personnel have to provide these data. A test of the good humor that characterizes Almudena was that one of his concerns was to provide him with the wifi of the Clinical Hospital of Barcelona.

Already late in the afternoon, in a new phone call, Almudena López admitted his surprise at the media impact that had his news given the high number of calls he received during the day to be interested in his status.

In fact, on the same Wednesday, when he was in the hospital still waiting for the results of the tests, Almudena López received the call from the president of Peña del Lunes, José Antonio Pérez, who warned him that he was requesting medical assessment, although the person in charge of the rondalla with which he won the second soloist prize has preferred not to pronounce himself to preserve the intimacy of his partner.


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