Almudena Grandes, National Narrative Prize 2018 for his work 'Patients of Doctor Garca' – The Province

Almudena Grandes, National Narrative Prize 2018 for his work 'Patients of Doctor Garca' - The Province

The writer Almudena Grandes has been awarded, this Tuesday, October 23, with the National Narrative Award 2018, for her work 'Dr. García's patients', awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and endowed with 20,000 euros.

As reported by the Ministry, the jury has chosen this work for "being the fourth installment of an ambitious narrative project entitled 'Episodes of an Endless War'". In his novel, which focuses on the history of the Spanish post-war period, with contributions to the consequences of WWII, "has achieved a difficult and precise balance between the imagined and the loyalty to the historical truth".

With a degree in Geography and History from the Complutense University of Madrid, Grandes has worked for several years in the publishing world, where she has developed several tasks, mainly the writing of texts by order.

His first novel, 'The Ages of Lulu' (1989), won the 11th La Sonrisa Vertical Award and was adapted to the cinema by Catalan director Bigas Luna. They followed 'I'll call you Friday' (1991) and 'Malena is a name of tango' (1994) that was also taken to the cinema.

'Atlas de geografía humana' (1998), 'Los aires difícil' (2002), 'Castillos de cartón' (2004), 'El corazón helado' (2007) and 'Les besos en el pan' (2015) continue their work fiction. In 2010 the series began 'Episodes of an endless war' with 'Inés y la alegría' (2010), a title that has won several awards such as the Critic of Madrid, Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz of the International Book Fair of Guadalajara or the Ibero-American Prize for novel Elena Poniatowska. The second title of the series was 'The reader of Jules Verne' (2012); the third, 'The three weddings of Manolita' (2014), and the fourth, 'The patients of Dr. García' (2017).

The jury that has failed the award today was chaired by Olvido García Valdés and formed by Begoña Cerro, Inés Fernández Ordóñez, María Dolores Sánchez, Miren Karmele Azkarate, Damiá Pons, Selena Millares, Mercedes Canales, Fernando Valls, Carmen del Riego, Brigitte Leguen, Inés María Martín and Fernando Aramburu, winner of the last edition of the award.


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