Almudena Grandes, National Narrative Award 2018 | Culture

Almudena Grandes, National Narrative Award 2018 | Culture

Almudena Grandes has won the National Narrative Award 2018 for his work "Dr. García's patients". The prize, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, is endowed with 20,000 euros. The jury has chosen this work for "being the fourth installment of an ambitious narrative project that takes the title Episodes of an endless war. In his novel, which focuses on the history of the Spanish post-war, with contributions to the consequences of the Second World War, has achieved a difficult and precise balance between the imagined and loyalty to historical truth"

Through this work of Galdosian ambition come and go 207 characters, including 45 creatures that once were flesh and blood, remembered Tereixa Constela in a report in this newspaper. The chain of events, which run on stages in nine countries (from the Nazi camp of Klooga in Estonia to a Democratic office of the Capitol), starts in 1936, while Hitler listens to Wagner in Bayreauth, and coleates until 1976, when three military officers take the power in Buenos Aires. From blow to blow. Between both, characters moving through the rear, the trenches and the embers of the slaughter that stitched Europe during the first half of the twentieth century.

"This series has given me back to the historian project that I was in. The one that has set accounts is the story with me, a lot of years later it has shown me how important what I studied is, I probably would not have written it if it were not historian ", reflected Grandes in an interview with EL PAÍS in August of 2017.

In video, Juan Cruz interviews Almudena Grandes.

Seventh woman in more than 90 years

His first novel, The ages of Lulu (1989), she won the XI Premio La Sonrisa Vertical and was adapted to the cinema by Catalan director Bigas Luna. They followed I'll call you Friday (1991) and Malena is a name of tango (1994) that was also taken to the cinema.

Atlas of human geography (1998), Rough Winds (2002), Cardboard castles (2004), The frozen heart (2007) and Kisses on bread (2015) continue their novelistic work. In 2010 the series began "Episodes of an endless war" with "Ines and joy "(2010), title that has deserved several prizes like the one of the Critic of Madrid, the Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz of the International Book Fair of Guadalajara or the Ibero-American Prize of novel Elena Poniatowska. The second title of the series was The reader of Jules Verne "(2012); the third, The three weddings of Manolita (2014), and the fourth, Dr. García's patients (2017).

Seven women have won the prize since 1924 for 68 men (it must be taken into account that in 19 editions it was not given for different reasons, in 1964 it was declared deserted and there are six authors who have repeated it). The first was Concha Espina, in 1927, under the title of National Literature Prize. Espina won it again in 1950 in a decade that would give two other female awards: Carmen Laforet (1956) and Ana Maria Matute (1959). In the next half century, Carmen Martín Gaite (1978), Carme Riera (1995), won it. Cristina Fernández Cubas (2016) and this year Almudena Grandes.

In video, Berna González Harbor interviews Almudena Grandes.


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