Almudena Grandes: “I am God in my novels” – The Province

The writer Almudena Grandes has been invested this Thursday, January 23 doctor honoris causa by the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in a ceremony in which he has addressed the “loneliness of the writer“and has commented with humor how she does not change” a dialogue or God. “

“I once felt a tightness in my chest when they told me that an actor can change a dialogue just by saying that he doesn’t feel comfortable interpreting it. Well, I don’t change a dialogue or God, because I’m God in my novels“, commented at a time of his speech, raising the laughter of the audience.

Grandes has been awarded honoris causa in the same ceremony as the language scholar Darío Villanueva. During her speech, the writer has used the gender splitting of some words -‘lectors and readers ‘and’ all and all’- in the week in which the inclusive language has been the protagonist thanks to the report of the RAE commissioned by the Government.

In his reflection on writing, he recalled how readers are “extremely important”, although she only writes “for a single reader”, herself. “If I can’t get interested or seduce myself, I won’t do it with anyone else,” he said in his speech entitled ‘Shipwreck Theory’.

Grandes has committed in the act of investiture to “continue defending the public university, from the children’s classrooms to the last university graduate. “And he has defended the work of the writers, since” no other creator spends so much time alone. “

Both the writer and Villanueva have received the mortarboard, the ring, the Book of Science and the white gloves that are traditionally delivered in this act. The professor of Literature, Julio Neira, has acted as godfather of the writer and the professor, José Romera, has been the former director of the RAE.

The post-truth

Villanueva has focused on the post-truth in his speech, with allusions to President of the United States, Donald Trump. “We find it difficult to assimilate the surprises that it causes since its inauguration, but it is a president elected under a system that raised it,” he said.

The academic has lamented how the lie is already “part of the consubstantial uses of politics”, putting as an example the visionary work of ‘1984’ by George Orwell. “People are so credulous that the one who wants to cheat will always find whoever is left,” he concluded.


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