July 4, 2020

Almudena Ariza, new Director of TVE News

After the voluntary cessation of Begoña Alegría, the journalist has been appointed to a position in which she promises to “convince and motivate” her writing, as well as maintain the commitment to “rigor and independence”

The journalist Almudena Ariza assumes the position of director of news of TVE after Begoña Alegría ceased "of its own accord after an intense stage". It has been Enric Hernández, director of Information and News of RTVE, who has been responsible for appointing Ariza, as reported by the Corporation through a statement. The journalist "has made dozens of information coverage on all continents," says the report, and has been a correspondent in Asia Pacific – based in Beijing – in New York and in Paris, an occupation she currently plays.

Ariza was born in Madrid (1963) and has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of the capital. She began working at TVE at age 25 and throughout her career on public television she has been editor and presenter of the Newspaper at different stages, as well as the presenter of the "Weekly Report". Given this full and international career, RTVE has highlighted that the new Director of Information will be responsible for the digital transformation, an "essential challenge" at the head of this position. " “Her extensive experience has given her an innovative and digital look that she herself has applied experimenting with new formats on different platforms,” the statement explains.

The journalist has expressed her willingness to “work to maintain and increase the current audience, with new formats, attractive, interesting and that help us to incorporate the youngest audience,” as she has expressed to RTVE.es. Just as it has advanced its intention to maintain RTVE's commitment to "Neutrality, rigor, independence and critical journalism".

Ariza assumes her new responsibility "with a copy that she hopes to convince and motivate", while expressing her intention to "work to maintain and increase the current audience, with new formats" aimed at a younger audience. Likewise, said designation must be submitted by the Information Council to a non-binding referendum in the wording.

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