March 1, 2021

Almost six out of ten freelancers are over 50 years old

Almost six out of ten freelancers are between 50 and 59 years old and the vast majority work in the services sector, while 70% are foreigners, according to data from the association of Uatae freelancers extracted from the last Active Population Survey (EPA) .

The report published on Monday indicates that 88.7% of the self-employed women belong to the service sector and that 57% are over 50 years old and also highlights that women are the ones who lead the growth of self-employed workers in the second quarter of the year.

The number of freelancers grew by 39,900 new workers so far this year, compared to the loss of 10,900 freelancers compared to the same period of 2018.

Of these almost 40,000 new freelancers, there are 9,500 women between 16 and 29 years less compared to last year (23.8%), 11,000 more than 30 to 39 years (27.6% higher), 10,500 between 40 and 49 ( 26.3% more) and 22,700 between 50 and 59 (56.9% more).

According to the Secretary General of Uatae, María José Landaburu, this increase in the female profile responds to "a labor option by necessity and not by vocation" and reminds that autonomous women have a 26% less pension for retirement than men – who already In itself, it is 500 euros lower than wage earners – and that means the lowest retirement compensation in Spain.

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