June 24, 2021

Almost one survey per minute, and many clues about the most demanded products – La Provincia

Almost one survey per minute, and many clues about the most demanded products - La Provincia

On the first day of the Offers Hunters, our readers completed almost one survey per minute and gave us the first clues of what is most going to be demanded in this Black Friday, which will take place on November 23 in virtually the entire world.

Of course, after Black Friday, the Cyber ​​Monday, for which our 'Offers Hunters'they will do the same job. And stop the fact that almost all surveys have asked us to send them again the offers for that day.

What is proving especially attractive to our 'Offer Hunters' are product requests. A fundamental data for the work that they are already developing at the top of activity, but also a world full of curiosities.

Because our survey is really doing the functions of an interesting survey about the products that are going to be demanded the most this Christmas. It is not a scientific survey, but over a thousand answers, it does give us some clues and reveals certain curiosities worthy of taking into account.

As the fight for the first place is increasingly close between the products of Alexa, televisions and mobile phones, which are fairly evenly matched.

But they have been adding in the last hours a product that could also become one of the stars of Christmas: smartwatch. An article that precisely because it is not cheap, is more sought after in the offers. Like the watches with GPS or activity wristbands, which are also very sought after among the discounts.

In this field are also moving the vacuum cleaner robots, which for many people are unattainable price for all days of the year, but a good discount could turn into super sales.

It was precisely what our collaborators inform us about BuyMejor.es the last Black Friday happened. When the robot vacuum cleaner, Cecotec Conga, became one of the most successful products to lower the 200 euros what until then seemed limited to luxury.

Kitchen items, especially small appliances, are also among the most requested categories. Same as headphones, which may be one of the products that more and better are sold on the Internet throughout the year, and here will come with offers to not miss.

It has also been striking to our 'Offers Hunters'that in the request for fashion items, especially in clothing, there is a technical tie between men and women.

And the products less demanded in this first day were € those related to birds and horses.

But it is still early to do more than just 'play' with the data, and in the next few days we will continue to tell you how they are evolving as a result of their answers and the analyzes we make daily with the help of Compramejor.es.


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