Almost half of the drivers who died in 2020 used alcohol or drugs

Traffic accident

Traffic accident

48.7% out of 597 deceased drivers last year on traffic accidents subjected to autopsya had consumed alcohol, drugs or psychotropic drugs, which is almost 4 percentage points more than a year before and an increase of 6.2% in the last decade.

Most of you they tested positive alcohol, 78.5%, showed a very high rate, equal to or greater than 1.2, which is five times more than the maximum allowed at the wheel (0.25). In addition, the proportion of Pedestrians killed by being run over in traffic accidents with positive toxicological results compared to 2019. Of 136 pedestrians who died from being hit in traffic accidents and submitted to an autopsy, 56 (41.2%) tested positive.

These are the main conclusions of the annual report of the National Institute of Toxicology on the incidence of alcohol consumption, drugs and psychotropic drugs in victims of trafficking, presented this Tuesday and which includes the analyzes carried out on 597 deaths in road accidents, of them 291 drivers, 136 pedestrians and 72 companions.

The alcohol is still the substance most consumed by deceased drivers, followed by cocaine and cannabis and, thirdly, psychotropic drugs. Thus, 31.2% of the victims tested positive for alcohol, 20.1% for drugs and 13.4% for psychotropic drugs.

Male between 25 and 54 years old

The vast majority of cases (94.8%) with positive toxicological results corresponded to male drivers, and only 5.2% were women, which, according to the Report, “is obviously an epidemiological fact of great importance in the development of road accident prevention campaigns.” Most of the drivers with positive results they drove a car (49.1%) or a motorcycle or moped (39.2%).

In addition, 68.4% of them have an average of between 25 and 54 years and most positives occur on weekdays, regardless of age.

With regard to drug-positive cases, the one consumed alone was cocaine (60.8%), followed by cannabis (53.3%). As for psychotropic drugs, the most consumed by deceased drivers were benzodiazepines (62.5%), followed by antidepressants (40%) and opioids (26.2%).

The polydrug (more than one substance) more common it was alcohol and cocaine (51.9%), followed by alcohol and cannabis (23.1%) and alcohol, cocaine and cannabis (15.4%).

As for the dead pedestrians, most of they were 65 and older; the alcohol is still the most consumed substance (53.6%), followed by psychotropic drugs (48.2%) and drugs (25%). Among those who tested positive for alcohol, 73.3% had a BAC equal to or greater than 1.20. The psychotropic drugs most consumed by the pedestrians who died were benzodiazepines, followed by antidepressants and antiepileptics.


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