February 28, 2021

Almost half of the Canarian unemployed do not charge any kind of benefit – The Province

Almost half of the unemployed registered in the Canary Islands,47.4% do not receive any benefit or subsidy for their status as unemployed, according to data released Tuesday by theMinistry of Employment and Social Security.

The figures of beneficiaries of the public protection for unemployment corresponding to the month of May, which have been known today, indicate that in the islands45,290 unemployed receive the contributory benefit, 51,100 the subsidy, 11,933 therentactive of insertion and 5 the help of 426 euros of the Program of Activation for Employment.

Total,108.328 unemployed receive one of those three public rents;however, May was closed with 206,041 unemployed registered in the employment offices of the Canary Islands, which implies that 97,713 lack of unemployment coverage.

In the province ofLas Palmas,56,761unemployed receivesome benefit, but since May registered 107,797 unemployed, it means that 51,036 lack any type of coverage (47.3%).

In the province ofSanta Cruz of Tenerife,the month of may was closed with98,244 unemployed, of which 51,567 receive some public income, so 46,677 do not receive any benefit or subsidy (47.5%).

In May, the State disbursed 87.3 million euros in the Canary Islands to pay coverage for unemployment. Of that amount, 55.6 million correspond to the payment of contributory benefits, 27.5 million to the payment of subsidies, 5 million to the active income of insertion and 5,000 euros to the Employment Activation Program.

According to the latest data available, the average contributory benefit in the Canary Islands is among the ten lowest in Spain, with 802.3 euros per month (15.2 euros less than the average, 817.5 euros / month). The highest measured benefits correspond to Navarra, with 902.4 euros; Baleares, with 877.8 euros, and Basque Country, with 874.3 euros.

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