June 15, 2021

Almost half of Spaniards already want 155 in Catalonia

Almost half of Spaniards already want 155 in Catalonia

Almost half of Spaniards (47.7%) are in favor of the Government immediately applying article 155 of the Constitution in Catalonia, and the majority (58.6%) want an intervention of the Generalitat "more intense" "that which was agreed in October 2017, according to a survey published today by ABC.

This sample, made by GAD3 between the past 10 and 14 December from a thousand interviews, it is clear that 77% of citizens disapprove of the policy of the Government of Pedro Sanchez with Catalonia, 8.7 points more than the rejection that it aroused three months ago.

In addition, almost seven out of ten respondents (67.5%) are in favor of calling general elections "as soon as possible", and slightly more than half (50.3%) believe that the change of central government and the formation of a socialist executive is being negative for Spain, compared to 30.5% who see it as positive.

E 69.5% of the interviewees suspended the economic and employment management of the Sánchez Government and also considered their immigration policy "unfortunate" (69.6%); pensions (60.7%); reduction of the deficit (54.7%) and foreign policy (41.0%).

Regarding the last elections to the Junta de Andalucía, 67.1% agreed that the 2D was voted for the change and 57.9% were in favor of the PP seek the help of other political forces to form government

60.1% see "incoherent" that the PSOE criticize a pact with Vox in Andalusia when at a national level they agreed with PDECat, ERC and Bildu.

Regarding the support that each party gives to the Constitution, is the PP, according to the respondents and on a scale of 0 to 10, which with 6.8 points gives more value to the Magna Carta, followed by Citizens (6.7 ), PSOE (6.2), Vox (4.5) and behind we can see (4.1) and finally the independentist parties (2.9 points).


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