March 7, 2021

Almost fifty arrested in the altercations of the protests by Pablo Hasel in Catalonia and Madrid

Catalunya has lived your second day of incidents during the protests for the imprisonment of rapper Pablo Hasel, which have spread to Madrid, where there have been altercations in the vicinity of Puerta del Sol, counting 48 people detained between both cities: 29 in Catalonia and 19 in Madrid.

Second night of altercations in Barcelona over the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel

Second night of altercations in Barcelona over the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel

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Some 2,200 people, according to figures from the Guardia Urbana, have taken to the streets of the Catalan capital this Wednesday to demand the release of Hasel in a protest in which barricades have been burned in the Urquinaona square in Barcelona. The protesters have chanted slogans such as “freedom Pablo Hasel”, “the Bourbons are thieves” and “whore Spain, whore police”, and they have displayed banners with the slogan “death to the fascist state”, words that the rapper spoke at the time to be arrested.

Parallel to the Barcelona march, protests have been held in other Catalan cities, such as Girona, where tension has increased until trash bins have caught fire and barricades have been formed, or Tarragona, where the police have prevented the protesters from they headed to the A-7 highway.

In Lleida, a thousand people have protested again and have marched in a demonstration from Plaza Europa to the Ponent Penitentiary center, where the imprisoned rapper is located and where the clashes with the Mossos d’Esquadra have begun.

In the case of Madrid, there are 19 people detained and 55 have been slightly injured – of them, 32 are policemen – tonight after the altercations, reports Pedro Águeda. The other 20 are protesters or bystanders who have been affected by the incidents. Three of the injured have required hospital transfer, according to Europa Press.

The concentration, which began quietly around 7:00 p.m. in Puerta del Sol, got complicated around 7:50 p.m. when a large group of young people tried to move towards Carretas street, something that the riot police prevented. From there, the throwing of bottles and paving stones, the destruction of wastebaskets, the burning of at least one container and also police charges.

Around 9:00 p.m., when the firefighters arrived, the altercations continued on Calle Mayor and minutes later in the surroundings. Riot police and plainclothes officers have followed the rioters trying to prevent further damage, reports Victor Honorato.

In addition, in Granada containers have been burned in the center of the city in the protest to demand the freedom of the rapper, which has also been reproduced in other cities such as Seville and Alicante, without incident.


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