Almost 3,000 people have already attended the selective processes of the Administration

The opponents went yesterday to the Tafira campus of the ULPGC to take their exams. / C7

The Government of the Canary Islands will update with the 24 pending calls of an ordinary nature throughout this week

Ingrid Ortiz-Viera

A total of 7,592 people aspire to obtain one of the places that the Public Administration has offered in up to
24 selective processes that have been going on since last week.

With this, it puts an end to the pending calls for the 2017 Public Employment Offer (OPE) and advances in updating a problem that the archipelago has been weighing down for several years to nurture the administrations of the necessary permanent staff.

Specifically, nine of the OPEs have already been held, which were called assistants or industrial engineers. 416 opponents attended between the two islands for both exams, although none was registered for the call for the selective process of the
medical inspectorswhich was scheduled for last Thursday, according to data from the Ministry of Public Function.

It was different in the case of
general body of administrators, who attended two calls at the General Administrators scale and the General Management scale. The first exams were held on Friday at the capital's headquarters of the Canary Institute of Public Administration (ICAP), to which 130 people appeared.

The second took place on Sunday in the classrooms of the Guajara campus, at the University of La Laguna and the Tafira campus of the ULPGC, with a total of 1,188 and 1,210 applicants, respectively.

That is to say, more than 2,500 people for the 21 positions of the OPE of General Administrators and the seven of the Management scale, according to the figures published in the
Official Gazette of the Canary Islands (BOC) on November 19.

In the next few days, the rest of the calls for the rest of the specialties will be fulfilled. Between today and Thursday the examinations of the higher body of researchers are held, in the specialties of agri-food analytics, chemistry, agricultural analytics, organic farming, physiology of plant production, animal production, plant genetic resources and biological and pest control. On the whole,
131 applicants are expected to attend.

They will be followed by those of the higher factual body, specifically, the scales of lawyers, architects, archivists and librarians, for which 371 have registered.

The most numerous, however, have been those of the
professional group of subordinates and the body of library technical assistants: 2,898 and 1,248 applicants respectively for 11 places in each OPE.

Internal promotion

Once the exams are finished, the Government of the Canary Islands must publish the lists to cover the
145 places of the different bodies and scales, in which the results and the position of each participant can be verified. Of the total, 94 places correspond to income from the free access system and 51 from internal promotion.

The list of positions offered in this modality is mainly concentrated in the Administrative Body of the Public Administration of the Autonomous Community, which has 23 positions. It is followed by the Higher Administration Corps with five positions for administrators and seven for the Administration Management Corps, on the general management scale.

The rest of internal promotion positions
are distributed as follows: six for the Optional Body, the majority, four, in the specialty of industrial engineers, one for the specialty of medical inspectors and one for lawyers; and another ten positions for the Auxiliary Body.

Although these figures meet
the minimum of 25% established by the Public Function Law -in fact, they reach 35%-, some unions have criticized that they are generally "insufficient" and that it represents a stagnation of workers.

In relation to this matter, CSIF had indicated that the 2020 OPE did not comply with the requirement of the Law and last week the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands agreed with it by ordering an increase in the number of places for internal promotion of the offer. public.

As published by the Government of the Canary Islands, only 78 internal promotion places were offered out of a total of 373, that is, 20%. This would make it necessary to expand the offer to at least 99 seats.

The complementary bag stagnates

The regular selection processes advance parallel to that of the extraordinary calls to give stability and consolidate the personnel in fraud of law.

In this sense, the management of the pending exams has occupied almost all the time of the Administration workers in recent months, putting on pause another relevant issue in the management of the conflict: the complementary employment exchange, whose publication is expected to least for the middle of May.

The general director of Public Function, Monserrat García, has assured this newspaper that despite the fact that the efforts have been focused on the OPEs, a small group has continued to advance with the lists, ordering and reviewing applications, correcting some incidents that occurred during its presentation or with the claims that are habitual.

Around 50,000 people registered between January 12 and February 1 exclusively by electronic means, something "new", in the opinion of the Government, since it allows speeding up the procedures and, in addition, does not require evaluating the entire list of registered "of a pull» but they will adjust to the calls, as they exhaust the normal channels.

In other words, unlike ordinary exchanges, it does not depend on any selective process: the applicant accredits the relevant documentation and is ordered on the list. Then, depending on the places that are convened, it will be validated: if everything is correct, it will pass the filter, if not, the person will be reevaluated.

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