Almeida will install 100 cameras on the M-30 to control that the most polluting cars do not enter the center

The Madrid City Council will install one hundred cameras on the M-30 next year to control the entrance to the central almond of vehicles without an environmental label, which except in the case of residents will be prohibited from accessing and circulating within this road from the January 1, 2022, as scheduled.

As published by ABC on Monday and sources from the Environment and Mobility area have confirmed to Efe, the City Council’s budget project for 2021 contemplates an item of 3.8 million euros directed to the installation of this video surveillance system.

The Consistory plans the progressive elimination of the most polluting vehicles, those without an environmental label, those of gasoline prior to 2000 and those of diesel prior to 2006. As of January 1, 2023, cars without the label of non-residents of Madrid will not They will be able to circulate on the M-30 itself. In 2024, only residents will be able to use these cars in the capital, which will be discarded in all cases in 2025.

The delegate for the Environment and Mobility, Borja Carabante, added in the branch commission held this Monday that in the coming months another 25 cameras will be installed in the new low-emission zone of Plaza Elíptica. In this way, the City Council hopes “to be able to effectively control the restriction of access to that area”, which will be delimited by the A-42, between Avenida de los Poblados and the M-30, and where cars will not be able to circulate nor merchandise distribution vehicles without an environmental label, except in the case of residents.


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