Almeida supports the state of alarm and does not forget the "economic emergency"

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has supported the state of alarm announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has not forgotten the "economic emergency" that will come after the water utility and has insisted that the responsibility is to stay at home and not go out more than "for the most absolutely essential".

In an interview in Cuatro, collected by Europa Press, the councilor supported the state of alarm although he did not want to comment on how it was done. He has urged "from tomorrow not to lose another minute" to transmit security and certainty from the institutions.

For the first mayor, it is "essential" to address the "economic emergency" derived from the coronavirus pandemic. "Now we are focused on overcoming the health emergency but there is going to be an economic emergency. We cannot waste a single day addressing the economic emergency after the health emergency has expired," he stressed.

And for that the City Council has already adopted "real measures" aimed at promoting the maintenance of employment with aid for leisure, hospitality or trade companies, which are the most affected sectors. Those measures include a reduction of IBI and IAE by 25 percent for three months as long as they are linked to job maintenance activities.

He has also appealed to the people of Madrid who are leaving the city trying to make the public aware that they should stay home and limit travel to the most absolutely essential. "The greatest guarantee is that each one stays at home," Almeida insisted, in addition to being an "exercise of responsibility."

José Luis Martínez-Almeida has guaranteed that "there will be no problems with food supply or basic supplies." "The food chain is guaranteed whatever the circumstances are and the measures adopted are adopted," he remarked, with the possibility of confinement on the horizon.

Asked if, beyond the opening of food stores and pharmacies, there is the possibility, as was occasionally done in Italy, of opening banks, the mayor replied that the idea they use is to operate digitally, to take money from ATMs and paying by card, although flexibility will be required to adapt to the circumstances to come.

"If we see that it is necessary to open at any given time we will have flexibility to do so but now what has to be understood is that we must stay at our homes," stressed the councilman.


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