Almeida shares the "Olympic dream", but rejects a candidacy "without consensus"

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida.

The national spokesperson for the PP and mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has asserted this Wednesday that he shares the "dream" that the capital will host some Olympic Games, although it considers that "It is not wise" to launch a candidacy "without consensus with the rest of the administrations or complicity with the people of Madrid ".

"The decision has not been made to formally present the candidacy for 2036. If it varies, it will be about unity with the rest of the institutions and with complicity with the rest of Madrid. Without having tested it, I think it is not wise to formally launch the candidacy. At this time decision has not been made, because you have to be very careful; we must have a minimum guarantee of success, "he told the media during his visit to the Madrid zoo.

This is the first reaction of the first mayor of Madrid to the words of the vice mayor, Begoña Villacís, who stated on Tuesday that the city will aspire to host the Olympic Games in 2036. "Yes, he is going to aspire to organize an Olympic Games"She asserted. However, moments later, sources from the Mayor's Office denied" that Madrid is currently aspiring to present itself to the 2036 Olympic Games. "" I agree with her that they are a dream and an aspiration that we Madrilenians share ", The mayor of Madrid pointed out this Wednesday, who considers that "Madrid deserves to host" the Games, but that "at the moment there is no decision taken", a decision, he specified, "which belongs to the country."

Thus, he stressed that "in order to make a formal decision, it is essential that the Government of the City Council agree to it, but also that there is a huge political and social consensus"Well," a candidacy cannot be announced without the rest of the groups knowing about it, without having contacted the Government of the Community or the Nation. "

And it is that he understands that "cannot create false expectations or create disappointment by the three failed applications". Almeida is committed to" putting together a project that is solid, and having the complicity, before embarking on the adventure, of the administrations, IOC, and municipal groups. "" Only when there is unity, that we assume that it is a country project, we will be in a position to say that we are going to present that candidacy, "he added.

In addition, he recalled that in the government agreement with Citizens it is stated that "from the consensus we will seek to reactivate the Olympic dream"It is "very difficult if there is no consensus, not because there cannot be, but because they have not yet contacted the groups, the IOC or the Government." A candidacy could be presented for 2036 but at this time that has not been taken. decision, "he reiterated during his speech.

He has not yet spoken with the deputy mayor, but Almeida is confident that "as always" they will "reach an agreement." "If we have to make the decision to opt for it, we will. The government team acts together, and if they perceive that there is no such unit, it will be very difficult to launch that candidacy," he concluded.


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