February 28, 2021

Almeida says that with the moratorium on fines in Madrid Central "has not increased traffic or pollution"

In an interview in the Cope collected by Europa Press, Almeida has said that with Central Madrid there has been a "border effect" and, as a result, "pollution data have worsened the whole of the city, although it is true that data from the Centro district station has improved. " For that reason, he has proposed that solutions must be given "in the whole city", qualifying the Downtown district as "oasis".

The first mayor of Madrid has said they will respect the precautionary suspension of the moratorium on fines after having decreed a court, but recalled that "there are two other judges, however, has given the reason to the City Council and not agreed to the precautionary suspension" .

On the other hand, Martínez-Almeida has regretted not being able to fulfill "strictly" what he wanted on Central Madrid, which requested his annulment. Thus, he has formulated that Citizens proposed to them "to reconvert Central Madrid to be able to improve it", reason why "they have made a first resignation to what its electoral program said". "In order to reach this reconversion and to govern Madrid, we also thought it was good to have an agreement," he said.

In addition, the team of Manuela Carmena, as indicated by the mayor, had instructed not to fine vehicles that improperly entered Madrid Central so that "there were no fines before the municipal elections."

Finally, he pointed out that the three months of moratorium were "to reflect, to talk with all the sectors involved." "We do not want to perpetuate an unsuccessful system simply because the Left wants to get what it did not get in the streets, we will continue with this plan, we do not accept that Central Madrid can not be revised, we do not accept not fulfilling our electoral commitments otherwise, and above all we do not accept that the left gives us lessons ", he has sentenced.

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