Almeida proclaims his loyalty to Ayuso and says that after 4M he did not want to dispute the Madrid PP

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez Almeida, has proclaimed this Monday his loyalty to Alberto Núñez Feijóo as successor to Pablo Casado -who promoted him to candidate for Mayor-, but above all he has insisted on his loyalty to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, of who has declared himself a faithful servant and to whom he has promised that he will give voice to the formation of the municipal lists.

At an informative breakfast organized by Europa Press, and in front of Ayuso herself, Almeida proclaimed: “I am from Feijóo because I am from Ayuso, and I am from Ayuso because I am from Feijóo”. “And she is not a Galician. I am from the PP ”, she has settled. According to his version, he withdrew from the race to occupy the presidency of the PP in Madrid because after "the overwhelming victory of May 4" Ayuso was "legitimized" to become the party's regional leader. In addition, he believes after the strong internal crisis that the conservative formation has gone through, what the Spaniards want is to see them "united", he has said.

Regarding his future electoral list for the 2023 elections, he has advanced that the 15 councilors of his group "have done a great job and everyone has the right in principle to participate in this list." But it will be a list in which, although he designed it, he has admitted that Ayuso "of course, will have a lot to say" since she is the president of the PP in Madrid.

The deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, from Ciudadanos, has also not missed breakfast. And given that there have been tensions between them and that the conclusions of the investigation commission on the alleged espionage on Ayuso are about to be voted on, the Madrid councilor has decided to throw all kinds of praise at his government partner. He has not only thanked her for the joint work in these three "turbulent" and "very difficult" years, and has told her that he feels "very comfortable with Ciudadanos". He has also joked about their relationship. "I have the marriage that I haven't had in my real life."

In his opinion, in that tandem with Villacís, both have put above all "the citizen's interest against the partisan" to promote Madrid as the "best capital" of all, a management that he has boasted throughout the breakfast highlighting the numerous achievements that, in his opinion, he has achieved for the city despite the fact that the central government “mistreatment” them and does not give them financial “autonomy” neither to decide on projects nor to decide what they invest the European funds that correspond to them.

That said, Almeida has boasted of his ability to agree "right and left" -Vox and Grupo Mixto- in order to carry out the best budgets and the best measures so that it results in the well-being of the people of Madrid. As he has said, he is not in favor of making “cordons sanitaires” for the far-right formation, which will be the one that “will have to decide if the cordon sanitaire is put on by the left or they put it on themselves.” However, he has advanced that he is "willing to continue talking with Vox" if Javier Ortega Smith, the spokesman, changes his attitude.

The Madrid alderman has taken the opportunity to ask his Andalusian colleague, Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, to apply that maxim of not disdaining any pacts, although he has made it clear that his wish and that of the Andalusian president is to "govern alone." Now also to send a message to Pedro Sánchez in Andalusian key: "In Spain there is a large silent majority that is absolutely fed up with their hypocrisy, their double standards and the pointing and harassment they do to anyone who does not think like them", He has stated, to add that he is convinced that this silent majority will sooner rather than later bring down Pedro Sánchez“.

At another time he has charged again against Rita Maestre and Iñigo Errejón, whose party he is considering denouncing for "illegal financing". But he has also taken the opportunity to criticize the Mixed Group led by Marta Higueras, whose formation endorsed by Almeida had just been declared illegal, and the particular battle they have with their former teammates while they fight for the legacy of Manuel Carmena. “I am sure that Manuela Carmena will be wondering what she has done to deserve this” because “everyone says they are her heirs”, he has released. “What they are doing is not reasonable”, he criticized, to later add that the problem for the left facing the elections “will not be their division” that they are exhibiting, but “the policies that the PP is promoting” with which they will win "a resounding victory."

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