December 3, 2020

Almeida includes kilometer-long flags of Spain in the Christmas lighting

Giant Spain flags made of led lights to celebrate Christmas. The Madrid City Council has installed four banners as the main novelty of the Christmas lighting, one of them more than a kilometer long, in cardinal points of the city: the Prado-Recoletos axis -from Neptuno to Colón-, the Bravo Murillo bridge , the Raimundo Fernández-Villaverde overpass and the Plaza de Colón, where a giant banner already flies regularly. All are already assembled pending the official ignition, scheduled for the last week of November.

The Consistory, which has made a test of ignition tonight, assures that the patriotic display of lights has not supposed an extra expense for the municipal coffers. “It costs the same to put those colors or others,” they specify from the Works area, managed by the PP. This year 3.17 million have been allocated to lighting, 100,000 euros more than in 2019. The longest banner, which runs between Neptune and Colón, has cost 68,700 euros. Those located on the bridges, 34,000 and 26,600. And the lights located in front of the Fernando Fernán Gómez Cultural Center, 24,800, according to official data from the Consistory.

The mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, is “surprised” that the decoration has caused “a certain stupor.” “What surprises me is that everyone’s flag, the flag that unites us and should be a unifying element in a situation as difficult as the one we are living in, in the capital of Spain, it is surprising that at Christmas, “he said in an interview on Onda Cero. With the lights, says the councilor, you want to “give a certain spirit, raise morale.”

In addition to the lights, the City Council has placed a giant 10-meter-high menina also in the Plaza de Colón, where the Christmas elements are accumulated. This figure is also part of the lighting and is included within the budget of 3.2 million euros, as published by El País.

With the arrival of PP and Ciudadanos to the Government of the capital, the Consistory returned to install nativity scenes to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Last year, Martínez-Almeida’s team wrapped one of them, the one located in CentroCentro, in the flag of Spain. “All of us who have had nativity scenes in the houses know that it was also a traditional element to put the national banner and that is what we have decided that it was appropriate,” the councilor said then. This Christmas, the traditional nativity scene in the Plaza de la Villa will be taken out to the street so that the locals can visit it in an open space and with “all the security measures”.


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