Almeida asks to compare Casado’s tweets on Covid-19 with Sánchez’s on Ebola to see “loyalty”

This was indicated in an interview with La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, where he defended that the position of the Popular Party during this pandemic is “loyalty”, since its duty as an opposition is “to tell the government how it should improve” .

In another order of things, on nursery schools, the councilor has indicated that 80 percent of the fixed costs of the contracts of those schools that have been unable to submit a project to continue the activity at a distance will be paid.

“In publicly owned nursery schools, the contract was suspended. In view of this situation, we asked public schools to present us with projects to continue activities through various online media to continue executing the contract,” he explained.

After that, “the vast majority of nursery schools have presented a project that allows them to continue.” “But there are schools that have not been able to present it or that have no capacity, but those contractors who do not have the means have had to resort to it. We are going to pay 80 percent of the fixed costs of those contracts,” he said.

According to the deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, in the last press conference after the Governing Board of the city, the service is maintained in 75 percent of nursery schools dependent on the City Council and does not do so in the remaining 25.


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