March 7, 2021

Almeida affirms that the Pride "is transforming into a party of exclusion"

This was expressed in an interview in the Cope Network collected by Europa Press after lamenting and criticizing the aggressions and insults suffered yesterday by the Cs delegation in the state demonstration of the Pride in Madrid.

"Unfortunately it is not an incident that has occurred this year but in a series of years a series of events are taking place that for those who consider the Pride an inclusion party, I believe that it is transforming to the contrary, in a party of exclusion of those who do not think like certain people ".

In the same vein, the first mayor of Matritan has indicated that "they are distributing cards of good and bad among the gay group itself depending on the political ideology that one has." For that reason, he has recommended to the organizers of the march that they make a "key, blunt statement, condemning the regrettable acts that took place yesterday."

Also, the mayor of Madrid has criticized the political left for reproaches such as "that the Pride was not going to celebrate," "that he was in serious danger" or "that of course with this government team was threatened."

Now, he has asked him if the Pride has not been celebrated with total normality, "just as it has happened the rest of the years and with the respect of the government team". Along these lines, Almeida has criticized the lack of respect that "they have not had on the part of many of the participants".

"Yes, there is an ideology from which many of us who want to exclude others, who have punished homosexuality, which is precisely the radical left, in a few years put them in concentration camps and made real barbarities with them. "he has pointed out.

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