Almagro, towards the inclusion of people with visual disabilities

Almagro (Ciudad Real), Jul 5 (EFE) .- The La Luciérnaga theater company has presented, in collaboration with Accessible Theater and the Almagro Festival, a tactile walk ('touch tour') of the play “Diablos, brujas y Rogues ”, an integrative proposal where people with visual disabilities have been able to interact with the stage, the scenery and the costumes.

The theater company of the Association of People with Visual Disabilities of the Community of Madrid has offered this afternoon to the blind public an opportunity to enjoy the experience of classical theater, without losing just a detail about the enclave that generates the plot as a whole and allowing create a mental and imaginative map of all theatrical props.

In this way, they have lived an experience in which they can come into direct contact with all the references about the decoration and its distribution and that María José Sánchez Lorenzo, head of Cultural Promotion of the ONCE Typhlological Museum, has been able to experience in the Municipal Theater of Almagro.

This 'touch tour' allows you to carefully recognize from the structure of the scenes to the texture, shape and arrangement of the elements that are presented on the representation, reflecting on every detail and managing to appreciate the sensations that are created on stage during the show, which, in the opinion of María José Sánchez, is a “resource to the imagination” that facilitates the construction of the scene “with much more rigor”.

Chon, affiliated with the ONCE and partner of La Luciérnaga, has also been able to enjoy this sensory experience by noticing the fabrics of the actors 'and actresses' costumes, coming into contact with them, in a conversation where every detail about colors, height of the characters, the body composition and the expression of the masks, is vital and "a great help" not to lose information.

This tactile walk is an inclusive and adapted proposal, "fantastic and worthy of being imitated", which aims to "enjoy the performing arts without barriers", which has been launched by the Almagro Festival in collaboration with ONCE, APTENT and the National Classical Theater Company and that it will carry out again for the staging of the play "El Príncipe Constante".


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