Alleged sexual assault during the Monday of the Carnival of Santa Cruz - La Provincia

The sanitary device of the chicharrera party serves 153 people, of which 56% were assisted by alcohol poisoning. Two injured by guns were also treated

The Hospital of Carnival Santa Cruz de Tenerife attended an 18-year-old girl on Monday night for a possible case of sexual assault. The events occurred in the environment of the channel of the ravine of Santos, next to the church of La Concepción. The young woman was assisted and referred to the Hospital Nuestra Señora de La Candelaria, Local Police Agents and the National Police They have initiated the investigation of this event and gathered various testimonies, according to sources from the capital city council.

In total, during the night of the Carnival Monday, they were treated in the sanitary device located next to the headquarters of the Presidency of the Canary Government 153 people, of which 136 were adults and 17 were minors. 56% of the care was caused by alcohol poisoning and two were also injured by a knife.

At the Carnival Hospital, put into operation by the Santacrucero City Council in coordination with the Spanish Red Cross, he was also responsible for serving 13 people for drug intoxication and 14 for injuries and falls. During the night there were 10 attacks, initially of a mild nature. The ambulances of the device transferred 18 people to hospitals for various diagnostic tests or specialized medical care.

Within the section of minors, 10 cases of alcohol poisoning were recorded. These went through the team for the attention of the youngest managed by the Spanish Red Cross. This group brings together psychologists and social workers who coordinate with the Local Police unit attached to the Juvenile Prosecutor's Office, who identify these young people and notify their legal officers.

In the Violet Point that is installed in the Carnival Hospital, five women were treated: one for sexual assault; a gender violence and three physical aggressions. They also performed six information and advisory services.

Regarding the cases of injuries by knife, two men, 25 and 29 years old, who had suffered several injuries were treated. One of the incidents occurred in the Plaza de España and the other in the Plaza La Candelaria, 29 years old. The two were evacuated to hospital centers for treatment. For its part, the Police Intervention Unit (Unipol) detained a man who had pending a search warrant for several crimes since last September. This 21-year-old, identified as A.S.V., was related to a robbery with violence and a theft.

This coordination and health care device is installed in the General Gutiérrez Mellado square, next to the headquarters of the Presidency of the Canary Islands Government. A total of 13 Basic Life Support (SVB) and one Advanced Life Support (SVA) ambulances in addition to a Rapid Intervention Vehicle (VIR) took care of patients who needed to be transferred.


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