Allegations of gender-based violence decrease but convictions increase – La Provincia

Allegations of gender-based violence decrease but convictions increase - La Provincia

Allegations related to gender violence they have decreased by 1.4% in the second quarter of the year 2018, in to the increase of 1.2% of sentences to abusers, according to the statistical data released on Wednesday by the Observatory against Domestic and Gender Violence.

Specifically, during the period referred to, a total of 13,384 criminal sentences for gender violence, of which 68.4% (9,149) were convictions, which represents an increase of 1.2% with respect to those issued in the same quarter of 2017, which represented 67.2% of the total.

The highest percentage of convictions has occurred in the Courts of Violence against Women, with 85.8%, followed by the Provincial Courts, with 83.6%. In addition, 58.6% of the sentences handed down by the criminal courts have been condemnatory. These figures represent increases of between one and two points compared to the same quarter of 2017.

Regarding the number of complaints and victims, the data indicate that 40,232 women appear as victims of gender violence in the 42,077 complaints filed in the second quarter of 2018. The complaints decreased by 1.4% compared to those presented in the same quarter of the previous year (42,689), and by 0.3% the number of women victims of violence gender since in the second quarter of 2017 it was 40,366.

In relation to the territorial origin of women, of the total number of victims, 27,477 women were Spanish (68.3%) and 12,755 were foreign (31.7%) in the second quarter of 2018.

Regarding the ratio of women victims of gender violence per 10,000 women, they stand out above the national average (16.89), the communities of Balearic Islands (26,13); Valencian Community (22,14); Murcia (21.33); and Andalusia (20). The lowest ratio was found in Castilla y León (10.25); Extremadura (11); and Galicia (11.50).

It also appears from the data that Civilian judicial protection measures have increased. Thus, in the second quarter of 2018, judicial bodies adopted a total of 4,267 civil measures to protect women or minors victims of gender-based violence, 129 more than the previous year. Among them, stand out the measures of attribution of housing (1,145) and food provision (1,357).

In addition, the report shows that in 345 cases, custody and custody have been suspended judicially and in 194 cases the suspension of visitation has been suspended.

Protection measures

As to criminal protection measures, 16,272 were agreed upon, compared to 16,217 in the same quarter of the previous year, which include the restraining order, adopted in 6,194 cases and the communication ban, agreed in 6,206 cases. In addition, 352 custodial measures were adopted.

By type of court, the violence against women held in the second quarter of this year a total of 2,014 trials on minor offenses, of which 41% (833) were immediately prosecuted. In 83% of the cases the trials were for insults or unfair humiliation. These courts entered 53,027 criminal cases during the quarter.

The profile of crimes investigated in these courts hardly changes with respect to previous data, since the highest percentage, 53.3%, corresponds to the crime of habitual abuse.

On the other hand, the criminal courts, which prosecute crimes punishable by up to five years in prison, resolved a total of 8,311 cases, exceeding once again the number of cases that entered, which was 8,232. These courts issued 8,009 sentences, of which 56.64% (4,536) were convictions, indicating a percentage increase of just over half a point over the same period of the previous year.

In the Provincial Courts, whose specialized sections on violence against women prosecute the most serious crimes, with custodial sentences of more than five years, 116 sentences were handed down, 97 of which were convictions, representing 83.6%. three tenths above the same quarter of 2017.

Meanwhile, the Juvenile Courts tried in the second quarter of the year to 74 minors for crimes committed in the field of violence against women, ten fewer than in the same months of 2017. Measures were imposed in 94.6 percent of the cases, affecting 70 minors, of whom 61 were Spanish.

"There is no impunity"

The president of the Observatory, Angeles Carmona, has evaluated in a "very positive" way the increase of the civil measures of protection of the victims of gender violence, both women and minors, as well as the maintenance of the percentage of protection orders granted.

In the same way, has highlighted the "consolidation" of the trend of increasing the number of convictions to batterers, after the year-on-year increase of more than one percentage point. "In spite of all the imponderables that coexist in a sensitive matter such as gender violence, there is no impunity."


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