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All you have to remember from 'The OA' before watching the second season | TV

All you have to remember from 'The OA' before watching the second season | TV

The OA It is a particular series from its beginnings. Premiered by surprise - and without promotion, rare for a Netflix product -, the fiction started in December 2016: eight episodes that told the story of a woman who, after years of disappearance, returned to the town where she had grown up. There, he told what had happened to him during his disappearance to a group of five people with whom he seems to be connected by a mysterious link.

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Conceived by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling (who also plays the protagonist, Prairie Johnson), the plot mixes science fiction, drama, mystery and mysticism. Previously, both creators had worked together on the screenplay Sound of my voice, a film directed by Batmanglij and starring Marling that was released in 2011 at the Sundance Festival. East thriller Sci-fi story told the story of two documentary filmmakers who infiltrate the sect of a woman who claims to come from the future. Although that idea flies over the series, The OA Create your own and mysterious universe.

Little Nina, before being called Prairie, in Russia after the bus accident in which she died for the first time.
Little Nina, before being called Prairie, in Russia after the bus accident in which she died for the first time.

Death. In The OA Death has a fundamental role. Both Prairie (who now wants to be called OA) and the rest of his chosen ones have lived near-death experiences (NDE). After them, everyone has developed a special talent. In the case of Prairie, after a bus accident as a child, in her native Russia, she lost her sight, but returned to life knowing how to play the violin masterfully. In that experience he met Kathun, a kind of female deity that invites her to choose between life and death. Prairie chooses life.

Kidnapping. The sound of his violin is what guided Prairie to his kidnapper. Hap is a researcher - and a sociopath - fascinated by NDEs. Hap listens to Prairie play the instrument in New York. The young woman (she was 21 years old) had come there guided by one of her premonitions, visions (of the past, of the future, of another dimension ...) that the protagonist has since her first death in Russia. On this occasion, Prairie saw her biological father waiting for her next to the Statue of Liberty. That's why he left Crestwood and his adoptive parents, Nancy and Abel, leaving them a note. They named her Prairie: her name was Nina. It was adopted after gangsters murdered his father.

Last. The story takes place in two temporal moments. The present develops from the moment in which Prairie returns to Crestwood, seven years after her disappearance, when she was kidnapped by Hap. In that time he has regained his sight. He also says that he has died dozens of times. In his town, he recruits five people - Steve, Betty, French, Buck, and Jesse - all with some kind of social maladjustment or family problem. They become OA's confidants - and apprentices. Only he tells them his story, which we see in flashbacks to his childhood, while he was captive ... Some of these regressions have dreamlike overtones which leads us to think that some of the memories might not be entirely real.

The number five. Five are the apostles of OA. Five, his kidnapping companions. And five are the mystical movements (accompanied by sonorous exhalations) that when combined result in a kind of choreography that produces unexpected effects such as reviving a deceased person - Scott, after being killed by Hap, in chapter five! -; open a space-time window; and even an interdimensional portal.

The movements. During the time that Prairie was kidnapped by Hap, the protagonist learned the movements. In her captivity, in a house in the middle of nowhere, OA meets Homer, Scott, Rachel and Renata (the latter played by Paz Vega, who returns in this second season). As they tell you, they have all experienced some NDE. During their deadly experiences, everyone has learned a movement. Everyone except Rachel. During his time of captivity - and after several unsuccessful attempts to escape - Prairie and his colleagues profile and improve the technique of their dance while desperately seeking the fifth movement: they consider it the only way to escape the clutches of Hap . The sadistic researcher, who is also aware of the movements, murders his guinea pigs again and again in his experiments: he has a machine in which he repeatedly drowns him, but then they come back to life. In one of his deaths, Prairie regains his sight. In another, he hears a curious sound: the one emitted by Saturn's rings. Not to forget the movements, Prairie tattooed them on his back self-healing, becoming scarifications.

Paz Vega plays Renata, Prairie's kidnap companion.
Paz Vega plays Renata, Prairie's kidnap companion.

The emotional and the collective. In the wake of series like Sense8 -And despite the magnetic and recurrent presence of Prairie-, The OA it speaks more of a collective struggle than of the awakening of a heroine. Although powerful, none of the angels -as at some point they are called the elect- could achieve nothing by themselves: it is group work, collective dance, which unleashes the greatest power. Also what produces the greatest advances and joys in their lives.

Mindbender. This term, which is used to define a subgenre within science fiction, could be translated verbatim as "puzzle" or "one way out of the pot". That permanent surprise, with script turns impossible to imagine, emanates from the first eight chapters of The OA. Thus, the fifth movement that Rachel does not find (is Rachel a chosen or an infiltrated?) And key to perform the dance, the kidnapped get in the last chapter of the first season. And they do it thanks to the wife of the village sheriff, with a terminal illness, where Hap has kidnapped the angels. The group is forced to perform their dance (incomplete at that time) to revive it. They are successful: upon awakening from death, the woman reveals the last movement just before Hap murders her (just like the sheriff). That happens in the past. In the present, the followers of OA doubt the veracity of this story. But an attack on the Crestwood Institute by a student (whose identity is not revealed) armed with an assault rifle encourages them to perform their dance to avoid the tragedy. They get it, but a stray bullet hits the protagonist. "Do not you see? You got it, "says OA from an ambulance in the final scene.


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