April 18, 2021

«All to one»: That you pass it

«All to one»: That you pass it

Address: Vianney Lebasque Script: V. Lebasque, F. Bellocq, V. Rodenbach. Performers: Ahmed Sylla, Olivier Bathelemy, Camélia Jordana. France, 2018. Duration: 94 min. Drama.

This is the week of reasonable similarities, as is the case with "Under the same roof", because "Todos a una", apart from being based on an unfortunate real story for Spanish sport, seems to be influenced by the "Champions" of Fesser ( in what it refers to that of which the union makes the force and on the limits that the society establishes between some individuals and others), although to the inverse or something like that. The coach of the French basketball team for players with intellectual disabilities is between a rock and a hard place. At the gates of the Paralympic Games, your best players leave. And then he sets up a terrible hoax and completes the team with others without deficiency, although some do not seem so. There is a slight tone of social criticism and much joke with more or less grace for the entanglement in which these men are involved but little depth, as if the director was interested above all sentimentally match their protagonists and not size trick. That's why the film ends in a draw.


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