All the tricks of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 and Xbox One

All the tricks of Red Dead Redemption 2 for PS4 and Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption 2 now available for PS4 Y Xbox One, and it brings with it, like every game of Rockstar be proud, a list of tricks Y traps the sea of ​​interesting that will provide us with various bonuses such as money, weapons, horses, Health or Dead Eye. If you have left wanting more, you can take a look at our Complete guide to get 100%.

How to activate the tricks in Red Dead Redemption 2?

red dead redemption 2 rdr2 ps4 xbox one tricks cheats
We introduce a trick to open the keyboard

Activate the tricks of Red Dead Redemption 2 very easily. Simply press the pause button, and we go to the settings option. Once here we will see that we can press triangle on PS4 or the button on Xbox One to go to the cheat menu. Within this menu that appears to us, we will have to press again triangle / Y to open the game keyboard. With the keyboard activated, we enter the code corresponding to each trick. If it is correct, the game will warn us, and this trick will be saved in the list to be activated whenever we want; it will not be necessary to re-enter the code for that particular trick.

red dead redemption 2 rdr2 ps4 xbox one tricks cheats
eye! Activating tricks makes it impossible for us to unlock trophies / achievements, or save the game

A lot of eye, because when activating a trick, the game itself will warn us that we renounce the possibility of saving individual progress in the game and unlock achievements and trophies in individual games. In other words: we can cheat in RDR2, yes, although in a limited way, and this will not help us to get achievements or trophies because it will deactivate them.

Keep in mind that to activate some of these tricks you will need to have bought certain newspapers.

red dead redemption 2 rdr2 ps4 xbox one cheats newspaper traps
Once we enter each code, the trick will stay forever in this menu, and we can decide whether to activate them or not, and which ones

Where to find newspapers in Red Dead Redemption 2?

red dead redemption 2 rdr2 ps4 xbox one cheats newspaper traps
Although we advance in the plot, we can buy old copies of each of the different newspapers

The newspapers of Red Dead Redemption 2 are found by buying them from press vendors. We simply have to go to the newspaper icon to find the seller of the city where we are. There are three different newspapers:

  • The Blackwater Ledger, which can be purchased at Blackwater and Strawberry.
  • The New Hanover Gazette, which can be purchased at Annesburg and Valentine.
  • The Saint Denis Times, which can be purchased in Saint Denis and Rhodes.

Then we leave you a table with all available newspapers of the game, and from which mission are available. Do not worry if you "spend" time: each newspaper seller will let us buy the previous ones even if there is a more recent copy for sale. In other words: advancing the main story will only cause new newspapers to be added to each vendor, but it will not make the old ones disappear.

All the newspapers of Red Dead Redemption 2

CopyIt is available after completing this mission
Blackwater Ledger # 62
New Hanover Gazette No.27
Saint Denis Times No.43
To the east
Blackwater Ledger No.63
New Hanover Gazette No.28
Saint Denis Times # 44
Pouring oil
Blackwater Ledger No.64
New Hanover Gazette No. 29
Saint Denis Times # 45
Sheep and goats
Blackwater Ledger No.65
New Hanover Gazette No.30
Saint Denis Times No.46
On the hunt of the magician
Blackwater Ledger # 66
New Hanover Gazette No.31
Saint Denis Times No.47
The pleasures of civilization
Blackwater Ledger No.67
New Hanover Gazette No.32
Saint Denis Times No.48
Urban pleasures
Blackwater Ledger # 68
New Hanover Gazette No.33
Saint Denis Times No.49
Dear Uncle Tacitus
Blackwater Ledger No.69
New Hanover Gazette No.34
Saint Denis Times No.50
Visiting hours
Blackwater Ledger No.70
New Hanover Gazette No.35
Saint Denis Times No.51
The bridge to nowhere
Blackwater Ledger No.71
New Hanover Gazette No. 36
Saint Denis Times No.52
The son of the king
Blackwater Ledger No.72
New Hanover Gazette No.37
Saint Denis Times No.53
The wheel
Blackwater Ledger No.73
New Hanover Gazette No.38
Saint Denis Times No.54
The landowning classes
Blackwater Ledger No.74
New Hanover Gazette No.39
Saint Denis Times # 55
The bad day of Uncle
Blackwater Ledger # 75
New Hanover Gazette No.40
Saint Denis Times No.56
American poison

Complete list of Red Dead Redemption 2 tricks

Then we leave the full list of Red Dead Redemption 2 tricks. The tricks that do not require us to buy any newspaper before are tricks that we can introduce and activate at any time.

All the tricks of Red Dead Redemption 2

TrickCode to enterNewspaper needed
Infinite ammoAbundance is the dullest desireNew Hanover Gazette No.27
Basic weaponsA simple life, a beautiful deathNone
Heavy weaponsGreed is American VirtueSaint Denis Times No.46
Silent weaponsDeath is silenceNone
Gunman gunsHistory is written by foolsNone
Fog of WarYou long for sight and see nothingNone
Add $ 500Greed is now a virtueNone
Get all the outfitsVanity. All is vanityNone
Learn all recipesEat of KnowledgeNone
Buy all camp improvementsCompartirNone
Increase honorVirtue unearned is not virtueSaint Denis Times No.48
Reduce honorYou revel in your disgrace, I seeNone
Restoring honorBalance. All is balanceNone
Infinite Dead EyeBe greedy only for foresightNone
Infinite resistanceThe lucky be strong evermoreNew Hanover Gazette No.33
Set the level of Dead Eye (Level 1)Guide me betterNone
Set the level of Dead Eye (Level 2)Make me betterNone
Set the level of Dead Eye (Level 3)I shall be betterNone
Set the level of Dead Eye (Level 4)I still seek moreNone
Set the level of Dead Eye (Level 5)I seek and I findNone
Fill health, resistance and Dead Eye bars completelyYou flourish before you dieNone
Increase health, resistance and Dead Eye barsSeek all the bounty of this placeNone
Fortify health, resistance and Dead Eye barsYou seek more than the world offersBlackwater Ledger No.72
Increase link with the horseMy kingdom is a horseNone
Increase whistle rangeBetter than my dogNone
DrunkA fool on commandNone
Make racehorse appearRun! Run! Run!None
Make top horse appearYou want more than you haveNone
Make random horse appearYou want something newNone
Make appear diligenceThe best of the old waysNone
Make war horse appearYou are a beast built for warBlackwater Ledger No.72
Make appear carKeep your dreams simpleNone
Make appear chaiseKeep your dreams lightNone
Make appear circus wagonWould you be happier as a clown?Blackwater Ledger # 75
Increase level of WantedYou want punishmentNone
Reduce level of WantedYou want freedomNone
Remove all rewards and confinement zonesYou want everyone to go away None

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