June 24, 2021

All the power, speed and performance of a smartphone in your hands – The Province

All the power, speed and performance of a smartphone in your hands - The Province

Huawei has achieved with its new terminal, an evolution of its previous sales success, be the benchmark of the competition thanks to the evolution of its processor and artificial intelligence. Thanks to them, the Mate 20 Pro from Huawei offers features, performance and options never seen before.

First, it is necessary to point out its processor, the heart that makes the rest of the components work and that makes possible actions that were previously unthinkable. Its Kirin 980 processor has reduced its size to 7nm, which allows Huawei to include more transistors on the same surface. This is reflected in a higher speed and energy efficiency and a better use of its artificial intelligence thanks to adouble Neuronal Processing Unit, responsible for carrying out those tasks that require a high computational load. You will never stay hung.

As for its curved OLED screen 2K + offers unbeatable viewing quality, whether movies, photographs, presentations … Everything you imagine, you can see it on its infinite screen, which integrates in it the fingerprint reader for unlocking, and you can even send it to another larger screen using Miracast technology and turn your Mate 20 Pro into a keyboard. It is also resistant to dust and splashing water so its use in unfavorable conditions will allow you to move wherever you are, either under the first snowfall of this Christmas or on the sand of the beach during your holidays.

Memory, space and battery to never stay alone

Huawei has decided to equip its new phone with a 6GB RAM, which together with its processor, will allow to move any game and program, even in multitasking without fear of losing response or having to go slowly opening applications. Mate 20 Pro knows that many times we are in a hurry and that its performance can not decline even when we push it to the maximum.

We will not run out of space either because its 128GB of internal memory -upliable up to 256- allows us to download videos, photos and applications without fear that we will miss the dreaded message of insufficient disk space so common in other terminals of other brands. You can record the whole work Christmas dinner to see it the day after with your classmates.

As for its battery, thanks to its design, artificial intelligence and the performance and efficiency of its processor, the 4.2000mAh available offer you an intensive use of at least one day and can also reach 70% of its total load capacity in just 30 minutes, ideal to load in the mornings before going to work or while going out to lunch with your classmates or work. You can also charge it wirelessly and something that your friends will thank, share your load with them.

Triple Leica camera and Artificial Intelligence, a perfect combo

We can say that you will have the best camera in the market within your pocket. A triple lens signed by Leica composed of an ultra wide-angle 20MPx that will allow you to focus on two and a half centimeters of the object, a wide angle of 40MPx with which you will get all the details that the scene offers you and a stabilized 8MPx telephoto lens where You will experience the quality of a zoom on a mobile phone like you have never experienced it before.

These three lenses will allow you to enjoy the picture every moment of the day as you will not need to carry your traditional camera over your shoulder. Just take out your Mate 20 Pro from your pocket and unleash your creativity or capture unique and unrepeatable moments that do not wait until the camera you used so far is ready. Artificial Intelligence, together with the quality of its triple lens, will analyze the scene in front of you and automatically adapt all the parameters so that the photo is perfect, you only have to hit the shoot button. It does not matter if it is a scene with little light, there is a lot of movement or action, AI technology will analyze the situation and follow the subject in real time or open its diaphragm more to make light. It is ideal to take pictures of the nephews while they run, your mother singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve and making selfies dressed as Santa Claus. You can with everything.

The Artificial Intelligence and the camera of this Mate 20 Pro will also help you in other tasks that occur at the end of the day. You will have the possibility to analyze the objects that you have in front of the mobile and get online all the information you need about it, even offer your purchase at the best price of the entire network, translate a text to the language you choose and even help you meet your needs. health goals indicating the calories that the dish of your year-end dinner has.

This Huawei Mate 20 Pro will become your best travel companion in your daily life and will undoubtedly make you happier by solving those problems that once cost you an eternity to solve them.


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