Fri. Oct 18th, 2019

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Real Madrid is already training, but the template is not closed, especially in the exits. The white team seeks to raise enough money yet.

Gareth Bale

Although he has left with the rest of the Madridista expedition to Montreal, everyone is clear, even himself, that has no place in Real Madrid. It is valued at 70 million.

James Rodriguez

James' future points to Naples. The Colombian is a express request of Ancelotti, who believes that with him his team would give an important leap in quality. 45 million, at least, ask for Real Madrid.

Keylor Navas

The goalkeeper can stay if you agree to be second goalkeeper. If not, offers are expected.

Nacho or Vallejo

The arrival of Militao it supposes that a position of the hierarchy of the defense runs. One of the two will come out.


He was going to go to the Royal Society, but the Basque club does not want to pay 15 million.


He insists on continuing, but if a good offer comes, Real Madrid is going to ask him to come out.


He is not going to march sold, after his Eurocopa sub'21, is going to be transferred to England.

Those are the exits that Real Madrid is looking for to settle the accounts, but to sign Pogba he needs more money and in all the rumors are Isco and Asensio. A powerful offer would tempt everyone.


The great goal of Real Madrid, but you know it's going to be expensive, if Manchester United sits down to negotiate. It costs 150 million or some player

So far, he has raised 125 million

40 by the march of Llorente to Atlético; 45 for the Kovacic to Chelsea; 20 for the Raúl de Tomas to Benfica and another 20 for The O to Milan.

And it has spent 302 million:

Hazard, the player on whom he has to turn everything: and that only cost 100 million.

Jovic, the forward who has to raise the average goalscorer. Madrid paid 60 million.

Rodrygo, Brazilian talent, which cost 45 million.

Mendy, left side to compete with Marcelo, who came by 47 million and

Militao, that has just been presented, which cost 50 million.

In addition to the big bets, Zidane is also brought to five canteranos to which you want to reward, encourage and see their skills.

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