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All the keys to make the income statement with the mobile app

Renta 2018: Todas las claves para hacer la declaración de la renta con la app del móvil

This Tuesday has begun the Bell of the Rent
2018, which brings various novelties. One of them is the launch of the new version of the application
mobile of the Tax Agency (AEAT), which will serve to present the statement from the mobile "in

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Its operation is quite simple. When you start, the first thing you need to do is add a new user, who will identify with the reference. This is obtained with box 450 of the Income Statement of 2016, according to the video released by the AEAT. In this case, the NIF, the validity date of the DNI and the aforementioned box will be necessary.

To request the reference, you must also provide the amount of that box, which corresponds to the 'General taxable base subject to tax' and not with another amount or with the result of the declaration. To confirm this, it can be done in the section 'General Liquidatable Base and Liquidated Base of Savings' or in the Entry or Return Document.

Upon completion of this process, the user will be identified with the reference. This will also be stored in the mobile application, available for consultation.

Income 2018

The app allows you to consult the fiscal data for the year 2017: donations, fees, contributions ...

On the other hand, the app also allows you to consult the data
fiscal of the year 2017. That is, you can access a list of concepts that include data: tax address, work income, bank accounts, donations, fees, contributions ...

If all the data is correct and you do not need to modify it, the user can present his declaration. The app offers the result of the most favorable modality, but it is necessary to verify that the bank account and the tax assignment are correct.

Income 2018

From the mobile application you can check the status of the processing of the income statement 2018

From the rental options in the mobile application you can also check the status of the declaration and access the copy of previous statements.

According to the data handled by the Treasury, more than five million people used the app of the Tax Agency to make and present the 2017 income tax return.

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