Mon. Aug 26th, 2019

All the information and analysis in the coverage of the Godó Group

Toda la información y análisis en la cobertura del Grupo Godó

The judgment that Tuesday starts in the Supreme Court against the leaders of the independence process monopolize the news of the coming months. Therefore, the means of Godó Group have put in place devices that guarantee readers of The vanguard on its print and digital platforms, and to the audience of RAC1, all the information Y analysis on judicial hearings and their political repercussions.

The web of The vanguard it will be the best place to follow the live trial. All sessions, including those of the defendants' statements, will bebroadcasted live through a television signal from the room Supreme Court. In parallel, there will also be a minute-by-minute follow-up that will collect in writing the interventions most relevant of the protagonists. During each session, the specialists of The vanguard present in the room of the Supreme will offer the keys of the day in different Chronicles and video analysis, and political reporters will address the consequences of judgment in the extrajudicial area.

'La Vanguardia' reinforces its analysis and opinion teams during the views of the TS

All of this -text, images and videos- can be consulted both on the front page of the website and in a specific section in which the reader will find in-depth information on the 1-O trial. The digital bet will be complemented with the exclusive display of the newspaper.

The printed edition will reinforce the informative commitment of regular judicial and political reporters with a wide team of opinion leaders formed by Fernando Ónega, Lluís Orriols, Gemma Ubasart, Laia Bonet, Gloria Serra, Ástrid Barrio, Francesc Marc Álvaro and Antoni Puigverd, among others. The professor Xavier Arbós will give the judicial counterpoint. The particular looks of Sergi Pàmies, Carlos Zanón or Joaquín Luna will also be incorporated from the interior of the Supreme Court's viewing room. Also, profiles of the protagonists will be included and the unique television coverage of the trial will be analyzed.

RAC 1 makes its programs and schedules more flexible to cover all the news of the trial

Also RAC 1 will turn to the informative follow-up from the Supreme. All programs of the station will be flexible during the trial, extending, if necessary, the hours of issuance to accommodate the main statements. The Món a RAC1, with Jordi Basté, will move to Madrid during the first days of the trial and will add the usual collaborators to the lawyers Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas and Jorge Navarro. In addition, the counter-chronicles of the journalists Gema Herrero and Santi Giménez will be added to the news program at 8 a.m.

The Versió RAC1, with Toni Clapés, will incorporate as judicial analysts Ernesto Ekaizer, the criminal lawyer Marc Molins and his team. Islàndia, with Albert Om, incorporates Mònica Planas with the section Amb la vènia, which claims to be the "trial of judgment". The No ho sé, by Agnès Marquès, will incorporate political and journalistic looks like that of Diego López Garrido, Cristina Fallarás and Cristina Pardo, among others.

In the web you can also follow all the statements in streaming and add minute by minute the contributions of the experts in the programs of the station. Likewise,'s website,, will issue all the statements of the trial in full.

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