All the hoaxes about Chanel and the Benidorm Fest, denied

Bittersweet ending for the first edition of the benidorm fest in TVE. The event has exceeded initial expectations with a great number of audiences, fulfilling the wishes of eurofans with an audiovisual show at the level of other European pre-selections and returning the illusion for the Eurovision Song Contest to another audience that had lost interest in the European competition. But all this exploded in the air last Saturday, when Chanel Terrero was imposed on the favorites of the public: Rigoberta Bandini Y Tanxugueiras.

The role of the professional jury was decisive in this result. Despite the fact that TVE had announced the voting system weeks in advance, with a professional jury awarding 50% of the score, the outcome of the Benidorm Fest has been marred by what many consider an unfair result. Since then, countless hoaxes have circulated. with the sole purpose of tarnishing Chanel's candidacy and questioning her victory, which is absolutely legitimate. YOTELE denies in this article the false data that has been published in recent days.

The jury did not collect anything from TVE or from any of the companies involved

One of the accusations that the jury of the Benidorm Fest has received is related to the economic consideration that it received in exchange for participating in the event. YOTELE has verified that none of the professionals who made up the panel were paid to perform this functionneither by TVE nor by any of the companies that participated in its organization.

And of course, none of the professionals who sat at the table obtained money from any application that was presented to the pre-selection of Eurovision 2022.

Chanel's connection with Miryam Benedited: they are not friends and had not spoken for 4 years

Another aspect that has been commented on the most is Chanel's professional relationship with Miryam Blessed, one of the five members of the Benidorm Fest jury. They both agreed onYour face is familiar to me' when the singer of 'SloMo' signed for the talent show to make a substitution. In fact, Chanel was never part of the official dance troupe of the talent of Antenna 3. A connection that has been, as we say, strictly professional and temporary.

During the time they coincided in the program of imitations did not establish a friendly relationship, as verified by YOTELE through different sources. The last time they spoke was four years ago, as the singer revealed at the press conference after her victory.

Gestmusic is not behind Chanel's candidacy

One of the hoaxes has hit Gestmusic, a producer of formats like 'Triumph operation' and 'Your face rings a bell' that, without eating or drinking it, She has been involved in a situation in which she has nothing to do. It has been said that this company reached an agreement with BMG, the artistic team behind Chanel's candidacy, to promote its proposal. A completely false rumor, just like nor has he received money from the record company or from TVEas verified by this portal.

Gestmusic has not had any kind of relationship with the production of the Benidorm Fest, which has been in the hands of public television with the support of the production company Boomerang TV. Nor has he sponsored or supported either Chanel or any other contestant.

'SloMo' does not breach the rules of the Benidorm Fest

The rumor that has sounded the loudest is the one that suggests that 'SloMo' breaches the rules of the Benidorm Fest. Fans of other nominations have claimed that Chanel's theme should not have been selected because it had more than 44% of its lyrics in English. A fact that is also flatly false. "The lyrics of only contain 35% English words, so there would have been no breach"affirm RTVE sources consulted by YOTELE.

"Whoever has circulated the wrong data, also counts words accepted by the RAE and sounds that do not correspond to any specific language", they point out.

The members of the jury did not agree to vote

Although TVE has not yet broken down the votes of the professional jury, some tweeters have taken it for granted that they agreed when scoring the performances. This portal has been able to verify that each one of the members voted individually and that none of them communicated their verdict to their table companions.

It is important to underline that, in juries of talent shows such as 'Operación Triunfo', the jury deliberates to award a common verdict. In the case of the Benidorm Fest, it should be remembered that there was no previous or subsequent meeting and each one cast their vote individually.

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