All the big industry comes out in support of Ribera and the cap on gas electricity generation

All large industry comes out in support of the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, and of the cap on gas-based electricity generation, but they demand that the minister force electric companies to auction cheap energy.

The Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry, made up of the employers' associations ANFAC (automotive), AOP (refining), ASPAPEL (paper), FEIQUE (chemicals and pharmaceuticals), FIAB (food and beverages), OFICEMEN (cement) and UNESID ( steel industry), has sent a letter this morning to the Minister for the Ecological Transition "thanking her effort and commitment", which "has resulted in the mechanism successfully agreed with the European Commission" to impose a cap on the generation of electricity with gas , who trust that "it will have a positive and immediate impact in favor of Spanish industrial competitiveness" and whose details they hope "will be known shortly".

“From the Alliance for the Competitiveness of Spanish Industry, we want to convey our sincere thanks for the efforts you are making in the face of the very serious energy crisis we are facing, both you personally and the Government as a whole,” says the letter to Ribera.

As a representative of strategic industrial sectors, the Alliance explains that "despite the measures adopted at the national level in favor of the industry in recent months and weeks, the situation we face due to the level of energy costs is dramatic and with no prospect of improvement in the short term. Day by day, our industries try to compete internationally, having to do so at a growing cost disadvantage compared to third parties”.

For this reason, the Alliance considers that “in a complementary manner” to the so-called Iberian solution, “it is also urgent to hold the auctions of inframarginal technologies provided for in Royal Decree-Law 17/2021, as a way to promote bilateral contracts at competitive prices. These auctions must be aimed at industrial consumers, whether or not they are direct consumers, and their intermediary marketers”.

These auctions were announced last September, but have not been launched. Last week, the employers of the largest consumers of electricity in Spain, AEGE, asked that they be launched now. Now the whole big industry joins that request. They also celebrate the implementation of the so-called Iberian exception, which the Government hopes to approve in the Council of Ministers, although, according to the European Commission, Spain and Portugal have not yet sent a formal proposal to Brussels.

“We are waiting to find out what measures will complement those adopted so far and, especially, the details of the mechanism successfully agreed with the European Commission thanks to your firm commitment. We need its implementation to have a positive and immediate impact in favor of Spanish industrial competitiveness”, states the letter signed by Carlos Reinoso, secretary of the Alliance for Competitiveness.

This industrial lobby “represents the strategic industrial sectors for the development of the economy and employment in Spain, generating 55% of the Gross Industrial Product and 4 million direct, indirect and induced jobs”.

Together, the companies of the Alliance carry out 60% of industrial exports and 60% of investments in R+D+i, with 60,000 million euros invested in the last five years, a turnover of 370,000 million euros per year , 65% of the industrial total, 75,000 million of added value. They concentrate 23% of the salaried population, with 90% of their permanent contracts. Its exports reach 160,000 million euros, 60% of the industrial total, and 50% of its sales go abroad.

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