All Spaniards can buy prescription medicines at any pharmacy

All Spaniards can buy prescription medicines at any pharmacy

The Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, has informed today the counselors of the autonomous communities present in the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) that the Ministry certifies this week to the Community of Madrid to complete its incorporation into the interoperable electronic prescription system of the National Health System. Health (SNS), once it has fulfilled all the required technical requirements.

In this way, as soon as Madrid activates the service, the recipe interoperability project will be completed throughout the SNS. A) Yes, any citizen can withdraw the medicines they have prescribed from the pharmacy of any autonomous community, since this was the only autonomy that had not implemented this service.

Carcedo has highlighted the importance of ensuring continuity of care and attention to health problems that may arise during a geographical displacement.

"It is important to remember that the health card of any autonomous community, regardless of its graphic design, is valid at any point of the SNS or at any Spanish pharmacy because it is managed for everyone with common rules and from a single information system, "stressed the minister, María Luisa Carcedo.

The minister recalled thatbased on interoperability is in the common system of personal identification, a centralized system in the Ministry of Health. The SNS Protected Population Database collects the information of all the health cards of the autonomous communities and assigns each person a unique identification code for all the SNS.

This code it is the key that allows to link all the health information of a person generated in any health service, regardless of the place of origin of the card or the different formats that they have in each autonomous community.

The code and the database are the support of both the interoperable recipe system and the shared electronic medical record.

The interoperable clinical history allows the health professionals authorized by each counseling and equipped with a secure digital identification system -as well as the users themselves- to access the relevant clinical data to assist the displaced patients. This ensures that the patient's clinical information travels with him and is available wherever he needs healthcare in the SNS.

In the case of the interoperability of the clinical history, Catalonia has been the last autonomous community to join. The past month of January activated the possibility that the reports of its population can be consulted in the rest of the SNS. It only remains to enable Catalan doctors to access the reports via telematics.


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