March 3, 2021

‘All sold out’ for Atalaya Teatro’s ‘King Lear’ this weekend in Cuyás

& # 039; All sold out & # 039;  for & # 039; King Lear & # 039;  from Atalaya Teatro this weekend in Cuyás

‘All sold out’ for Atalaya Teatro’s ‘King Lear’ this weekend in Cuyás

The prestigious company Atalaya has hung the ‘all sold’ poster for the two performances of its show ‘Rey Lear’ scheduled for this weekend at the Cuyás Theater, to which it returns several years after also starring in its acclaimed ‘Marat-Sade ‘.

Although with the limitations imposed by the Covid-19 (decrease in capacity and advance schedule of the functions at 7:30 p.m., both on Friday and Saturday), the Andalusian company, National Theater Award 2008, now exhibits its particular version of this classic by Shakespeare, the most nominated in the 2019 edition of the Max Awards.

This ‘King Lear’, Atalaya’s second Shakespearean montage after ‘Richard III’, is not located at any time. “We are facing a universal text in time and space” because “human passions and instincts have not changed in the last 4,000 years,” explain its leaders, who underline the validity of a text banned for centuries due to its harsh criticism to the powerful.

“We are before the Shakespeare with greater maturity, but also with greater social sensitivity and humanism, of tremendous modernity”, they add from the training led by Ricardo Iniesta, who has presented him together with the insular councilor for Culture, Guacimara Medina, and the artistic director of Cuyás, Gonzalo Ubani.

“It might seem that his words were written by a contemporary revolutionary philosopher, but his form is of such poetic beauty that it is situated in another dimension than the rest of universal theater”, they affirm.

This version of the classic also enhances “the search for the naked human condition that underlies the text, stripping the individual of everything superfluous, connecting with the essence of Nature and seeking empathy for the rest of Humanity”.

Marga Reyes, who replaces Carmen Gallardo in the title role, addresses in ‘King Lear’ what is probably the most nuanced character in universal theater, recently played by actresses of the stature of Nuria Espert and Glenda Jackson.

Along with her, artists from three generations of Atalaya embody a handful of characters also of great significance. Relying on a frenetic choreography and a dozen vibrant chants performed live, the nine actors, who modify the stage space before the audience on multiple occasions, are present on stage throughout the show, incorporating the main characters, secondary and choirs of soldiers and raggedy.

In this sense, the choirs, increasingly present in the company’s productions (it could be seen in ‘Marat-Sade’), reach a truly shocking power here that will impact the spectators who come to see it at the Cuyás on Friday and the Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

The company

According to critics, Atalaya has managed to create his own style based on the energy of the actor, both through the body and the voice, the contemporary reading of the great universal texts, the expressionist force of the images and the poetic treatment of space. music and objects.

The continuity of its stable team also allows long research processes for each production, something to which the existence since 2008 of the International Center for Theater Research (TNT) has contributed, which has the largest private theater in Andalusia and a permanent laboratory-school. .

Awarded with fifty prizes over more than three decades, the company directed by Ricardo Iniesta has thus become a benchmark in Spanish research theater, as noted by the jury awarded by the 2008 Nacional de Teatro.

Atalaya, which has toured around half a thousand cities in thirty-nine countries on six continents and all of the Spanish provinces, has participated in more than 150 international festivals.


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