November 24, 2020

"All opinions have a place in Podemos"

The secretary of Organización de Podemos, Alberto Rodríguez, affirmed this Saturday about Teresa Rodríguez's criticisms of the internal consultation of the purple formation that is "a democratic, plural and very open organization in which all opinions have a place".

"That is one more opinion," Rodriguez told reporters, who insisted that the position of the leader of Podemos in Andalusia "is one, surely there will be tens of thousands of different opinions until Thursday and we will see what the majority. "

"Fortunately, we have not lost the thread of our DNA, which is to ask the public and people registered on important issues," said the leader of Podemos, who has participated in a party in Malaga.

When asked if he believes that the query is well thought out, he stressed that "the questions are honest, honest and are putting on the table the two real possibilities there are".

"If we do political fiction, there would be thousands of possibilities to ask, but the fair and honest thing is to ask about the only two possibilities on the table," he reiterated.

In his case, he is "clear" that the country "needs a coalition government, because that was the electoral result, Pedro Sanchez the polls gave him 123 deputies and United We can 42, and to be democratically fair there must be a shared Government of proportional to the result of the polls. "

The two options are "what the PSOE intends, a monocolor government with all the positions elected by Pedro Sánchez and without possibility of control for Podemos", and what he considers that "the citizens voted", a coalition executive in which we can have a "proportional representation".

He warned that "when the PSOE puts its threat on the table, it is wrong, because it does not threaten United Podemos, but the country and the citizenship."

"People have already voted massively and for the most part that we have a progressive government, and the progressive bloc had a much better result than the bloc of involution, of the right and of the extreme right."

Therefore, it only remains "to agree as in the vast majority of countries of the EU, autonomous communities and municipalities," stressed Rodriguez, who "does not understand" why "can occur anywhere except in the Government of the State ", and added that" that's what Pedro Sánchez has to answer ".

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