February 28, 2021

all nuclear facilities operated safely in 2018

All nuclear facilities functioned safely in 2018 "without any undue risk situations," says the Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) in its annual report just submitted to Parliament, where the agency details the activities carried out during the past year. .

According to the report, nuclear power holders reported 39 events in 2018, but all classified as level 0 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES), which quantifies the importance of a nuclear and radiological event from a security point of view. .

The document shows "the proper functioning of nuclear and radioactive facilities in Spain, which have operated safely, guaranteeing the radiological protection of workers, the population and the environment," explains the CSN in a press release.

The agency proposed in 2018 the opening of two disciplinary proceedings. One, to the holder Ascó II, due to a minor infraction due to non-compliance with the instruction on requirements applicable to the design modifications of nuclear power plants regarding the inoperability of the diesel generator B of unit II due to the non-replacement of flexible sleeves with the term of shelf life exceeded.

The other, to the owner of Vandellós II, for non-compliance with the instruction on criteria to which the systems, services and procedures of physical protection of nuclear facilities and materials have to be adjusted.

Additionally, the CSN reported seven warnings to nuclear power plants in 2018: four to Almaraz (Cáceres); two to Ascó (Tarragona), and one to Cofrentes (Valencia).

Most of the inspection findings in 2018 were categorized as "green" or of very low importance for safety – within the Integrated System of Supervision of Centrals (SISC) – except for one of them, which was "white", that is , of low or moderate importance.

The plants were in a normal situation, with the application of standard inspection programs and correction of deficiencies, according to the document.

The only exception was Ascó II, which was the last three quarters of the year in the so-called regulatory response column, due to a white finding, due to the inoperability of the B train emergency diesel generator due to the failure of a flexible sleeve with a service life exceeded and not anomalous condition opening.

The total inspections of nuclear power plants during 2018, including Santa María de Garoña (Burgos), was 158.

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